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How Technology Changed the Way of Marketing

With the passage of time, there has always been a growth in technology. We have made our lives quite easier with different technologies and robotics. Thus, the ways in which we market a particular product or service have also changed.

In the present time, people prefer to spend their time with technology rather than going outdoors. This implies that offline marketing methods are no more effective in the current scenario.

However, here are the top ways in which developing technology has changed the way of marketing.

Social Media Marketing

People do not prefer to meet and hang out with their friends. They rather want to be home and chat with those friends. Through social media, we can easily connect to any of our friends without any additional cost.

Therefore, there is a large audience in front of whom you can market your company. Social media marketing is the easiest as well as the most effective method for marketing today. However, there is a lot of teens misusing and getting distracted due to the excessive use of social media.

To ensure that this is not the case with your child, you may install iphone spy app. You may take care of your child’s online activities with this app.


People not so often visit the cinema halls to watch a movie or a play. They can get whatever they want to watch on their mobile phones. Online movie streaming applications and websites have made their lives quite easier.

The main source of earning of such movie platforms are advertisements. You may have come across different types of advertisements while watching a video. The technology has allowed them to present the advertisements to their viewers in a more effective way, which is in a video format.


When was the last time when you received an advertisement template? You may not remember it since the way of marketing has changed.

Instead of sending letters and templates to a postal address, companies prefer to reach the audience via emails. The reach of these emails is faster and a quite affordable option for marketing.

You can convey any amount of information through these emails. People read emails on their phones or laptops rather than read offline advertisements. There are many companies that have benefited from email marketing.

Getting Advertisements Designed

Earlier, the way in which people designed an advertisement did not matter. But soon they came to know that the way in which they design a banner or any kind of advertisement leaves an impact on the viewer’s mind. Their reaction on a particular advertisement is affected by its design.

Thus, with advancements in technology, it was essential to hire graphic designers in order to make the design look interesting. As a result, today we see several amazingly designed advertisements.

Therefore, marketers require a graphic designer to attract the viewers. A well-designed advertisement makes that process of marketing quite interesting and appealing.


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