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» The world’s most-visited robotics and automation news website, according to (correct in April 2021)
» The world’s highest-ranked robotics and automation news website, according to

Robotics and Automation News covers the robotics and automation industries around the world. We mainly concentrate on robotic and automation technologies in industrial sectors such as logistics and manufacturing.

Although we do cover software automation, artificial intelligence, the internet of things and so on, we tend to publish more stories about hardware, or “machines that move” – such as industrial robotic arms, autonomous mobile robots, automated guided vehicles, and driverless road vehicles. is owned by Monsoon Media, which publishes this website, a magazine and a newsletter, as well as various industry and country briefings and books.

Both the website and publications aim to summarise some of the more interesting technologies in robotics and automation, particularly as they relate to manufacturing and logistics.

In developing an editorial policy for, we decided to cover as many aspects of robotics and automation as resources allow. However, we decided to give priority to physical robotics and automation, rather than their virtual equivalents.

Sensor Readings – robotics and automation magazine, first issue
Sensor Readings – robotics and automation magazine, first issue

So, for example, Automator, which is a great little application that Apple Mac users may be familiar with, may be considered a robot, but given the choice between a story about Automator and another about a physical robot, especially one in an automation setting, we will choose the latter story.

However, that is not to say that we will ignore virtual robots and virtual automation. There are many interesting developments in this area – developments that are saving companies millions of dollars and saving many thousands of working hours.

Therefore, it would perhaps be remiss of us not to deal with the virtual world. Particularly when you consider that a lot of physical hardware is being virtualised, or digitised if you prefer.

As to the geographical perspective, we aim to be as international as we can, prioritising whichever country has the most activity. So, obviously China, the US, Germany, Japan would be four countries to keep our eyes on. But they are by no means the only ones.