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Apex Motion Control launches new collaborative robot

Apex Motion Control, a specialist in smart robotic and automation equipment, has released its latest product line – the Flexi-Bot and Flexi-Bot MAX.

These new collaborative robots (cobots) have been designed with the food, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries in mind, offering a user-friendly solution to ongoing labor shortages and the dull, dangerous, dirty, and repetitive tasks involved in industrial manufacturing.

Jamie Bobyk, marketing manager with Apex Motion Control, says: “We’ve listened to the needs of the food, dairy and pharma producers and have developed a Collaborative Robot that is well-suited to these industries with stricter guidelines.

“The Flexi-Bot and Flexi-Bot MAX are designed to work safely and effectively alongside human workers, enhancing productivity and safety in the workplace.”

The Flexi-Bot series demonstrates proficiency in a variety of applications such as palletizing, tray handling, depanning, primary packaging, and secondary packaging.

These cobots align with Apex Motion Control’s commitment to designing innovative tools that increase business capacity and lower manufacturing costs. The Flexi-Bot and Flexi-Bot MAX will also be featured at the IDDBA 2023 industry show in Anaheim, California, June 4-6.

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