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Maximising uptime in industrial robotics

Castrol’s advanced lubricants for robotic applications are designed to reduce industrial robot downtime while having a positive effect on the quality, cost and efficiency of your production process.

Industrial robots have transformed manufacturing companies across every industry, helping to increase quality and efficiency while decrease costs.

However, the threat of unplanned downtime caused by robotic failure remains a challenge for factories looking to enhance levels of automation. A single minute of interruption can cost an automotive manufacturer dearly.

The lubrication of industrial robots is imperative if automated production lines are to maintain maximum levels of production and to keep unplanned downtime to a minimum.

Castrol has produced a white paper which includes valuable knowledge about lubricants for industrial robots. With detailed descriptions of Castrol Advanced Lubricants for Robotics this will help you to find the best lubrication for each application and robot.

Read how you can improve the quality and efficiency of your automated production line and reduce downtime.

In this white paper, you can learn more about:

  • The properties and advantages of high-quality lubricants
  • The lubricating oils and greases for industrial robots
  • The progress and challenges
  • High performance lubricants and how to keep manufacturing processes running smoothly

Download the paper now

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