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OrionStar showcases Qualcomm-enabled 5G service robots at MWC Shanghai

OrionStar, the robotics company invested in by telecommunications company Cheetah Mobile, has developed three service robots embedded with Qualcomm’s 5G solutions and processing capabilities.

The company showcased some of its technologies at the recent Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai 2021.

By adding 5G connectivity, the robots get a powerful boost in AI performance to provide an even higher level of stability, consistency, responsiveness, coordination and remote control capabilities.

Targeting retail, delivery and reception scenarios, OrionStar has developed three robot product lines that not only free workers from laborious and repetitive tasks, increase economic efficiency for businesses, but also create a connected, engaging experience for customers through contactless services.

At MWC Shanghai 2021, the first world-class communications exhibition and first in-person event held by the GSMA Association since the Covid-19 outbreak, OrionStar’s 5G Robotic Coffee Master, Restaurant Service Robot and 5G HomeBot showcased a new way of life where humans and robots can interact seamlessly, made possible by AI and 5G.

Dev Singh, senior director, business development, and general manager of robotics, drones and intelligent machines at Qualcomm Technologies, says: “OrionStar’s robot products embedded with Qualcomm Technologies’ solutions exemplify how both 5G and AI can provide immersive experiences for customers through robotics, while also enabling smarter efficiencies for multiple verticals and industries.

“Qualcomm Technologies’ robotics platforms and solutions are leading the way in the creation and enablement of powerful, secure, and intelligent robots, reshaping the way the world thinks about, utilizes and interacts with robotics technologies.”

Driven by AI, accelerated by 5G

OrionStar’s 5G Robotic Coffee Master was a special feature at the Qualcomm Technologies’ booth at MWC Shanghai 2021.

Based on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon X55 5G Modem-RF System, it can make 1,000 cups of pour-over coffee every day, achieving three times the efficiency of a human barista while maintaining high performance and consistent quality in every brew even during peak hours.

5G Robotic Coffee Master

Incorporating 3,000 hours of AI learning, 30,000 hours of robotic arm testing and machine vision training, the Robotic Coffee Master can perform complex brewing techniques, such as curves and spirals, with millimeter-level stability and accuracy (reset error ≤ 0.1mm).

The OrionStar Restaurant Service Robot was also on the convention floor delivering beverages for guests. Designed for restaurants, this robot delivers meals at peak hours and promotes business in between.

It delivers to four tables on a single trip and up to 600 trays per day, achieving 99.99 percent accuracy. An instant favorite for 700 restaurants, the Restaurant Service Robot can also attract customers, manage waitlists and be controlled by mobile apps.

Restaurant Service Robot

At MWC Shanghai 2021, the Restaurant Service Robot uses both Qualcomm® Robotics Platform and the Snapdragon X55 5G Modem-RF System to deliver for guests with enhanced performance.

5G HomeBot

At the 5G mmWave booth, the 5G HomeBot, equipped with the Qualcomm® Robotics Platform answers questions for guests in fluent conversation.

A light-weight service robot designed for nimble deployment, the HomeBot can autonomously greet guests, conduct live Q&A and provide personalized tours. It can also be remotely controlled by video calls.

5G ushers in broader opportunity for AI robots

To date, China has established 718,000 5G base stations, accounting for 70 percent of the global share, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China at the opening ceremony.

Looking forward to 2021, the global deployment of 5G is slated to accelerate and bring possibilities to new fronts.

In the field of coffee beverages, Cheetah Mobile and OrionStar have begun to explore innovative practices leveraging 5G.

As a key partner of the inaugural 5G Coffee Industry Alliance initiated by China Mobile’s Migu Coffee, the OrionStar Robotic Coffee Master is combining AI and 5G technologies to increase efficiency and ensure quality with extreme precision and stability.

Benefiting from the ultra-high reliability, ultra-low latency and ultra-broad bandwidth of 5G, OrionStar’s AI robots will bring better experience and performance to industries and everyday life.

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