North American robotics market growing and creating new types of work, says A3

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The fast-growing North American robotics and automation market is creating new kinds of jobs, according to the Association for Advancing Automation, or A3. 

The association says new technologies, such as collaborative robots and advanced vision systems are driving growth and diversity of employment in the sector.

Jeff Burnstein, who has a number of roles in the association including A3 president, says: “Automation technologies are fueling entirely new categories of jobs – really creating the jobs of the future – in addition to enabling companies to become more productive and create higher-quality products in safer environments.”  Continue reading North American robotics market growing and creating new types of work, says A3

Smart manufacturing a priority for CSIA


The Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) says it is committed to connecting smart manufacturing to the automation industry. 

Today’s business marketplace is becoming more agile and intelligent as manufacturing is transformed by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), says CSIA.

Smart manufacturing involves aligning information and communication technologies with US manufacturers across the country to manage their energy, productivity and costs in real-time.  Continue reading Smart manufacturing a priority for CSIA

GateHouse Logistics joins Industrial Data Space

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Supply chain data unifier joins association of business leaders to identify, analyze and evaluate best practice requirements for open Industry 4.0 ecosystems across all industrial sectors

Data tracking unifier GateHouse Logistics today announces that it has become a member of the Industrial Data Space (IDS) user association to participate in the development of reference architecture for Industry 4.0 software solutions and business models. 

Launched by European research organisation Fraunhofer in January 2016, the association brings together science and industry to develop open architecture models for all sectors turning to the applied use of Industry 4.0. Examples include smart manufacturing, and smart supply chains. 

The association has its roots in Germany and aims to become a global organisation open to all researchers and industry members.  Continue reading GateHouse Logistics joins Industrial Data Space