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American Manufacturers ‘ready to help’ cope with disruption caused by coronavirus

American Manufacturers say they are “ready to help” cope with the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

CEOs of companies facing global supply chain challenges can find local solutions with US suppliers, declared five American manufacturing trade associations in an open letter to CEOs.

US trade associations representing more than 3,500 companies in industries that employ more than 475,000 Americans have made the pledge to support the industry.

In an open letter to CEOs, the American Mold Builders Association, the National Tooling & Machining Association, the Precision Machined Products Association, the Precision Metalforming Association and the Technology & Manufacturing Association, stated that their member companies “stand ready to assist those industries who are facing global supply chain disruptions to help the economy continue its record growth”.

The letter states: “American companies who source inputs and equipment from across the globe can minimize disruption to their businesses by looking to domestic suppliers.

“Near sourcing and reshoring business to the US will not only help minimize current impacts, but will also mitigate future exposure to global challenges all while tapping into America’s vast and innovative industrial base and supporting American workers.”

Trade associations’ member companies currently report a capacity utilization rate of 60-70 percent, therefore “US manufacturers can meet current and future demand, helping companies grow and thrive”.

The letter concludes: “Throughout history, American manufacturers have answered the call to find solutions, support progress and step up in times of crisis.

“Our US manufacturers and workers are ready to minimize operational disruptions and help produce a quality, reliable products ready to ship to any location, foreign or domestic.”

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