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Consortium presents TraceBot at Future Labs Live

A consortium of companies and organisations has presented TraceBot at the Future Labs Live event.

The aim of the TraceBot project is to develop laboratory robots that fulfil the criterion of traceability and are therefore suitable for use in laboratory environments and other fields of application with high safety and flexibility requirements.

On 26-27 June 2024, representatives of the TraceBot consortium presented the project at the international trade fair Future Labs Live in Basel.

The objective of TraceBot is to bring verifiable actions to robot manipulation by reasoning over sensor-actor trails in a traceability framework based on digital-twin technology and to extend current robot motion planners with the automatic execution of self-checking procedures that create a semantic trace of the actions performed.

The goal is to create robotic systems able to understand what they perceive and do, to ensure that any manipulation action is verified, thus meeting the needs of the regulated environment.

The TraceBot project is aimed at companies of all sizes, from SMEs to internationally operating corporations.

They can all benefit from the results of the funding project, as TraceBot is designed to offer an intelligent robot solution that can be easily integrated into existing laboratory facilities and brings them one step closer to the automated laboratory of the future.

TraceBot will now present itself for the first time at the renowned Future Labs Live trade fair in Basel.

All interested parties, such as robotics experts, but also laboratory users, scientists and students, are cordially invited to meet the TraceBot team and discuss the challenges and goals of modern laboratory automation.

The TraceBot consortium representatives are looking forward to a lively exchange at booth number 108!

TraceBot receives funding from the European Union’s H2020-EU.2.1.1. INDUSTRIAL LEADERSHIP programme (grant agreement No 101017089), 2021-2025

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