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Peak Technologies forms strategic partnership with Robotize for warehouse automation

Peak Technologies, a provider of smart warehouse solutions, has agreed a strategic partnership with Robotize, a cutting-edge robotics company specializing in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

This collaboration aims to revolutionize heavy pallet movement within warehouses, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

As part of its commitment to smart technologies, Peak Technologies has consistently focused on developing innovative solutions for warehouse automation.

Peak’s expertise lies in creating intelligent systems that optimize logistics, reduce operational costs, and improve overall supply chain management.

Robotize’s AMRs are at the forefront of warehouse and manufacturing automation, offering seamless integration with existing infrastructure. These agile robots can navigate complex environments, transport heavy pallets, and perform repetitive tasks with precision.

By joining forces with Robotize, Peak Technologies aims to accelerate the adoption of AMRs across industries, streamlining operations and ensuring a competitive edge for its clients.

Tony Rivers, CEO of Peak Technologies, says: “We are excited to collaborate with Robotize.

“Their expertise in robotics design and engineering aligns perfectly with Peak’s ability to sell, implement and support advanced automation solutions that enable smarter, more efficient warehouses and factories.

“Together, we will unlock new opportunities for our customers, enabling them to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity.”

Anders Pjetursson, CEO at Robotize says: “We look forward to working closely with Peak Technologies as we drive the next generation of internal material transport automation together.

“Our shared passion for innovation and excellence will redefine how goods move within distribution centers, ensuring seamless operations and rapid scalability.”

The Peak/Robotize partnership will focus on joint business development and on bringing advanced AMR technology to warehouse and manufacturing operations across the globe.

Peak Technologies and Robotize say they are committed to delivering solutions that empower businesses to thrive in an increasingly dynamic market.

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