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Comau selects Jaggaer as partner for digitalized procurement

Comau has selected Jaggaer as its partner for eSourcing.

With headquarters in the industrial city of Turin, a strong presence in 13 countries around the world, and a wealth of expertise and experience spanning more than 45 years, Comau is a leading global player in the field of industrial automation, renowned for its groundbreaking and high-quality systems and products.

In the automotive sector the company boasts partnerships with some of the world’s leading and most forward-looking brands. Comau’s solutions also meet the needs of organizations in a wide range of sectors, including renewable energy and logistics.

Efficiency, optimization, precision, timely delivery and quality are crucial factors for Comau.

The company has increasingly felt the need, accelerated by the health emergency and the shortage of components and raw materials, to give a new impetus on the path of digital innovation of procurement and supplier management processes.

The need for adequate levels of visibility at all sites and good governance throughout the supply chain, together with the need to ensure high quality standards for increasingly demanding customers – for whom digital procurement is increasingly the operating method of choice – have given the selection, qualification and management of suppliers a more strongly strategic focus.

Added to which there is an enhanced focus on supply chain sustainability, in line with the growing sensitivity of all stakeholders.

Comau’s collaboration with Jaggaer started in July 2021. After a few weeks, the company’s Chinese subsidiary was already able to manage online tenders through the Jaggaer ONE platform’s Sourcing solution, customized in the local language.

The project then quickly expanded globally, starting with Italy, followed by France, other European countries and the United States.

Around 200 tenders have been managed to date, in categories ranging from components to logistics and professional services, with a clear advantage in terms of timing, greater visibility and more agile communication with all suppliers.

Stefano Percario, head of commodities management at Comau, says: “For a company like ours, which has to guarantee high quality standards on complex projects for increasingly demanding customers, the purchasing function plays a strategic role, and this is why we chose to initiate, together with Jaggaer, an innovation process that can accompany us in the coming years on the journey towards a continuous strengthening of our procurement through digitalization.

“Jaggaer was the ideal partner on the path we envisaged because of its innovative vision, which is aligned with ours, the quality of its sourcing technology and its approach to supply chain management, aimed at building valuable partnerships between buyers and suppliers. The speed of implementation was also a decisive factor.”

Roberto Spagnolo, account executive, head of automotive and manufacturing at Jaggaer, says: “We are extremely pleased about this collaboration with Comau, which embodies Italian excellence, being among the most innovative and technologically advanced organizations in our country.

“Our approach to the digitalization of procurement, guided by a holistic vision of the relationships between buyers and suppliers, is transforming companies’ business models, orienting them towards the new strategy of Autonomous Commerce, as recently announced by Jaggaer.

“In this new environment, artificial intelligence and machine learning, which are increasingly present in the Jaggaer One solution, offer buyers access to a vast choice of purchasing options tailored to their specific needs via smart-matching with suppliers’ proposals.”

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