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Berkshire Grey launches ‘Robotic Shuttle Put Wall’

Berkshire Grey, a provider of robotics and automation systems for supply chain processes, has launched its AI-powered Robotic Shuttle Put Wall (RSPW) solution for e-commerce order fulfillment.

The RSPW is an automated put wall that increases capacity and throughput with robotic automation, which the company says is “more important than ever”, given today’s heightened customer expectations for fast and efficient fulfillment and the parallel industry pressure of labor scarcity.

Kevin Prouty, analyst at IDC, says: “Businesses will continue to see e-commerce orders rise as global e-commerce sales expect to approach $5 trillion by the end of 2021.

“This growth in volume combined with labor scarcity is putting tremendous pressure on supply chain operations to increase fulfillment throughput and support a broad selection of products. Businesses have no choice but to automate.

“Companies like Berkshire Grey can support their customers with robotic automation solutions that address rising consumer demands.”

Berkshire Grey’s RSPW solution enables retailers to be more competitive, increase capacity, and meet escalating consumer demand despite labor shortages.

The company says the RSPW solution can:

  • Accommodate up to nearly 100 percent of typical SKU assortments, including challenging items like soft polybags and cylinders/tubes, such as those used for make-up, for a variety of industries including apparel, footwear, beauty, and general merchandise.
  • Increase customer order sortation throughput by up to 300 percent with the solution’s high capacity put wall.
  • Integrate with existing fulfillment processes with no disruption to ongoing operations.
  • Provide sort locations for up to 240 orders to be processed at the same time in a single robotic put wall as opposed to the industry average of 80 orders for a manual put wall.
  • Improve upstream batch inventory pick rates by up to 33 percent.
  • Deliver best-in-class reliability while performing millions of picks in production.
  • Support the needs of 24/7 order fulfillment.
  • Provide maximum flexibility by integrating with any existing operation including robotic, conveyer, and manual-based transport approaches.

Tom Wagner, founder and CEO at Berkshire Grey, says: “E-commerce continues to grow and surge. Our automation enables retailers to increase capacity to meet the growing demand and helps to deliver efficient revenue growth.

“Berkshire Grey’s AI-enabled Robotic Shuttle Put Wall is built on proven technology deployed by customers today. This new platform increases order processing speeds, optimizes the fulfillment workforce, and most importantly gets more orders out the door more quickly.”

With systems in use today in multiple industries including e-commerce, same-day grocery, package handling, and retail, Berkshire Grey is a recognized and trusted leader in advanced automation. Berkshire Grey delivers scalable solutions that grow with their customer’s business.

Berkshire Grey says its Intelligent Enterprise Robotics give customers access to solutions that support their order fulfillment needs across the entire supply chain.

Berkshire Grey’s extensive services include installation, testing and commissioning, and continued support leveraging cloud-based AI solutions that provide predictive maintenance, management of system operations, analytics, and integration.

Berkshire Grey’s automated solutions are modular, flexible and available via robotics-as-a-service implementation models.

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