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Handling large, heavy and bulky objects with Morello equipment

Large construction and engineering projects almost always feature particular requirements in transportation and handling of big, heavy and often awkwardly shaped objects.

Most people are used to seeing trucks and cranes on the roads and on work sites. But when it comes to handling materials inside, for example, warehouses or other confined spaces, more specialized vehicles are often required.

Modern tendencies in industrial material handling and on-site logistics require customization of these vehicles for a specific client or purpose and there are very few companies in the world that can provide such a service. Morello Giovanni is one of those companies.

Based in Italian city Turin, Morello manufactures and customizes material handling carts offering modern alternatives to cranes and similar classic equipment found in traditional heavy industry.

This company is increasingly bringing Made in Italy flair to projects such as:

  • electric trucks for intralogistics operations;
  • small diesel-electric hybrid trucks for 20-ton loads;
  • self-propelled modular transporters or trailers of various types and payloads;
  • tunnel lining transporters with 60-ton payloads;
  • rail-guided vehicles;
  • platform lift trucks; and
  • automated guided vehicles with omnidirectional and lifting capabilities.
Lifting platform

Many of these vehicles are custom-built for particular clients with specific requirements, a type of endeavor which involves a high level of collaboration and deep understanding between Morello and its partners, generally large multinational and important enterprises.

One of Morello’s core products is its battery-powered trolleys on wheels named SGAI and OMNI series.

As well as ready-made solutions, Morello provides advanced customization of each model for its customers, who typically have the following requirements:

  • fully customizable design according to specific needs/application (dimensions, payload, battery life, superstructures);
  • explosion proof features IECEx and ATEX standards (for off-shore platforms, painting rooms, mines);
  • driver cabin;
  • pendant push-button control panel or a remote controller;
  • customized speed limits; and
  • battery or diesel power driven.

Many customers also request the inclusion of remote assistance and effective post-sales services, as well as flexible rental services.

Morello rail transfer cart solution

Versatility and safety

Blending versatility and safety Morello set trends in transportation of oversize heavy cargo on modern industrial facilities.

New customization opportunities available on the market of heavy-weight AGVs and motorized carts provide the next step in modern facility adaptation to material handling robotization and logistics automation.

The types of sites on which Morello vehicles are used tend to be heavily regulated because they are often massive engineering and constructions of national or even international importance.

Sometimes the government is directly involved in monitoring and regulating the work and safety standards. So everything has to be of the highest quality and effectiveness.

Upender or tilter

Morello was established in 1946, so it has been involved in solving problems related to the transportation and handling of materials on any type of firm for more than 50 years. Morello was one of the original companies which rebuilt infrastructure damaged during the conflict. It specialized in mechanics, carpentry, hydraulics, electronics and pneumatics.

It offers both standard equipment and solutions to solve specific and complex handling needs for the transportation of heavy and large loads within industrial areas, warehouses, ports.

Diesel powered self-propelled trailer

Morello company designs and manufactures a wide range of battery motorized trolleys, diesel self-propelled trailers, transport carts, industrial trailers, tilters, up-enders and lifting platforms covering many industrial sectors: metallurgy, oil and gas, shipyards, automotive, aerospace, power generation, paper mills, metalworking and more.

All equipment is made in Italy using local expert engineers and technology.

Having survived many turbulent times – both economic and social – Morello has the stability and engineering expertise to be an effective partner to enterprises and organizations of any size to realize their ambitions with projects of any scale and complexity.

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