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Geek Plus says it has sold more than 3,000 warehouse robots

Geek Plus Robotics says it has sold “more than 3,000” units of its warehouse robots so far.

The Chinese company, which last year raised an additional $60 million in funding, says it is ready to go global.

Beijing-based Geek+ say they have entered the global market by setting up a branch office in Hong Kong in 2018. 

In 2016 and 2017, Geek+ has delivered over 3,000 units of unmanned intelligent robots to more than 20 large companies including Alibaba, Suning, China Post, and many others in various industries.

The company says customers from Europe and Southeast Asia have also demonstrated a strong interest in getting to know more about Geek+ as well as how their unique technology can be applied to their warehouses which will further motivate them to expand business globally.

Also, Geek+ says it has achieved “many successful cases in Japan and Hong Kong”.

ACCA, one of the biggest e-commerce companies in Japan, has introduced hundreds of Geek+ robots to date.

The robots have been doing what they are good at to help triple the workforce entirely, and the company has planned to deploy thousands of more by 2019.

Kenneth Kato, CEO of ACCA, says: “What Geek+ Robots do has gone beyond our expectations – they are extremely efficient in moving and picking the bulky items.

“Apart from Geek+, we compared other similar counterparts [systems] but they all failed our requirements except Geek+’s superb operational stability and system’s capabilities.”, a business unit of the Alibaba group, has also installed smart robots made by Geek+ since 2015.

Geek+ says “dozens” of its robots are working at TMall in a variety of jobs – from picking up parcels from shelves to identifying what and where to ship.

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