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Lucas presents Comau to France


Robotics and automation distributor Lucas is presenting Comau robots to its French market at an event this week.

Lucas signed a deal with Comau as an official distributor of its robots in France. Lucas, is a long-established French company based in Bazas, and has been active for over 50 years in manufacturing and supplying linear axis and Cartesian robots.

Lucas organized an open house October 12 and 13 in order to present the new partnership with Comau, and a series of products and active robot cells to the market and French media. 

In addition to the official presentation of the two partner companies, the program includes a visit to Lucas’s area of production, assembly and robotics, as well as the robot demo cells area.

Several Comau robots will be in attendance; participants will be able to view the new Scara Rebel-S and the new active Racer5 in a pick & place cell similar to the one seen last summer at Automatica.

In addition to these, Racer3 will work in a laser marking cell, and Racer 7-1.4 will be active in a checkers game demo which is very useful for understanding the robot’s ability to interact and their precision in the movements.

Also, a NJ4 175, the hollow wrist robot, will be placed with its welding gun and a Pal 260 will be dressed with a special gripper for handling boxes. And, a NJ60 will be ceiling-mounted on a Lucas portal and one will be mounted on a conveyor that will lead the robot with its own control.

Through the partnership with Comau, Lucas says it intends to “strengthen its leadership in the production and supply of automated and robotic solutions for every type of business and systems integration”.