Quality control of rubber seals on the basis of height measurements

poscon hm

The measurement of object height is an important aspect in quality control applications. With the PosCon HM light-section sensor, Baumer says it offers a unique, compact measuring device for this kind of task.

The smart, pre-configured profile sensor offers five measurement modes for different measurement tasks. An exact positioning of the measured objects is not required.

The PosCon HM provides reliable measurements even on shiny and very dark surfaces. In conjunction with its high measuring accuracy of up to 2 μm, it is suitable for a large number of applications in at-line, off-line and in-line control.  Continue reading Quality control of rubber seals on the basis of height measurements

RS Components adds Testo testers to testing range

rs components testo_760-3

RS Components is extending its portfolio of high-quality electrical test and measurement devices with five innovative product ranges from Testo.

The devices offer measurement capabilities for a diverse variety of electrical systems and appliances, including for use by electrical installation contractors and engineers working in HVAC design and maintenance.

The Testo 760 is the industry’s first automatic digital multimeter range and provides functionality for all electrical measuring tasks, including function keys that replace the traditional dial for easier operation and greater reliability.  Continue reading RS Components adds Testo testers to testing range

Yamaha launches new autonomous boat

Yamaha Breeze autonomous boat
The Yamaha Breeze, an autonomous unmanned compact electric survey craft

Company says the Breeze 10 unmanned boat is an electric craft for dam lake bed sediment surveying

Yamaha has developed the Breeze 10 autonomous unmanned compact electric survey craft.

The company designed the new product to support sounding work such as measuring the sediment levels of dams, and will commence business rentals principally aimed at commercial surveyors in August 2016.

Breeze 10 is an electric FRP craft approximately three meters in length, developed to enable easy mounting of measurement equipment such as narrow multibeam sonar, which is increasingly popular in measurement work, including domestic dam silt level measurement.  Continue reading Yamaha launches new autonomous boat

Faro launches factory robotic 3D imager

faro 3d imager

Faro Technologies has launched its Factory Robo-Imager product line, a system that combines the Faro Factory Array Imager with a collaborative-robot to provide adaptable, safe and automated in- and near-line inspection solutions.

Faro is a provider of 3D measurement and imaging with solutions in metrology, factory automation, product design, public safety and building information modelling.

Faro’s Early Adopter (EA) Program provides leading edge products to qualified customers for limited product introductions.

The Faro Factory Robo-Imager Mobile is an automated inspection station designed for the shop floor.  Continue reading Faro launches factory robotic 3D imager