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Best Budget-Friendly Dash Cams Reviewed

In the event of an incident, the best budget-friendly cameras can be the difference between hearsay and hard evidence.

These dash cams can capture and store high-quality pictures and videos as you drive. They can be a great tool for proving who is at fault or the wrongdoer.

Court officials, insurance agents, and police officers will always ask questions about the situations surrounding an incident, like a car crash, making quality dashboard videos and images vital.

Today, you’ll discover budget-friendly dash cams and alternatives if you are after advanced features.

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Nexar One

The Nexar One dashboard camera is a reliable, high-quality dash cam that can capture every angle both inside and outside your vehicle when parked or driving.

The Nexar One dash cam offers various attractive features, including:

  • GPS tracking
  • Live streaming
  • Real-time notifications via the Nexar AI Dash cam mobile application

Also, it comes with night-vision technology, post-collision reports, and parking mode, making them ideal for individuals who work for companies such as Lyft and Uber.


It comes with ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems)

It can stream to your smartphone and upload to online storage

Instant alerts for increased security and safety


  • Only accessible via Wi-Fi connection

Kingslim D5-4K

The Kingslim D5-4K is the second most favorable budget-friendly dashboard camera. It has a user-friendly screen and captures high-quality videos compared to other budget-friendly dash cams. Its pry tool is a plus.

It makes removing the dash camera easier. Kingslim D5-4K’s 170-degree wide-angle lens means its viewing angle is enough to capture anything in front of the road.

Another key feature that makes Kingslim D5-4k set itself apart from other budget-friendly dash cams is its high-quality screen.

The 2.0-inch in-plane switching screen is among the extra features that this dashboard camera has. Another key feature is the GPS module. This feature enables you to playback captured and stored videos with GPS data.


  • Features parking mode
  • Comes with a Sony Starvis sensor
  • Saves driving speed and route in the video


  • The UX of the app isn’t better

Galphi Dash Cam 2K

Galphi Dash Cam 2K has capability to record 1440p video at 30 FPS. This makes the dash cam ideal for capturing what is taking place on the road at the back and in front. It comes with a dedicated mobile application.

This app allows users to view recordings, download videos, and manage dash cam settings. The Galphi Dash Cam 2K utilizes WDR technology that allows it to have clearer recordings even in less-than-optimum conditions.


  • Comes with a GC (CMOS) complementary metal oxide semiconductor sensor with F/1.8
  • 720 cabin view
  • The latest model supports 128GB SD cards


  • It doesn’t come with an SD card

Make your Decision

Are you after a top-rated budget-friendly dash cam? Look no further than these three options. Each dash cam has its own pros and cons, enabling you to make your decision based on your needs.

Top dash cam providers like Nexar also have other advanced models that come at an extra cost. The brand doesn’t matter; go for a dash cam that will offer the services you need as you drive.

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