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Exploring the Range of Optical Components Offered By EKSMA Optics

Innovation is at the heart of scientific research and development. As technology advances, the demand for high-quality optical components to support these innovations increases correspondingly.

EKSMA Optics has been at the forefront of providing advanced optical solutions to meet this demand since its founding in 1983. It is a leading global supplier of laser components, systems, and optics that enable researchers and manufacturers to explore new frontiers in science and technology.

The company’s range of products includes crystal optics, laser optics, optical systems, and custom solutions designed to meet unique customer needs.

In this article, we will explore the diverse range of optical components offered by EKSMA Optics and how they can help drive innovation in various fields including medical research, manufacturing processes, defense technologies, and more.

Laser Optics: Mirrors, Lenses, Polarizers, and Beam Splitters

This discussion focuses on the range of optical components offered by EKSMA Optics, specifically mirrors, lenses, polarizers, and beam splitters.

Mirrors are used to reflect light whereas lenses are used to focus or diverge light.

Polarizers allow for selective filtering of polarized light while beam splitters divide a single beam into multiple beams with varying intensities.

Understanding the properties and applications of these key optical components is important in designing and optimizing various optical systems.


The versatility of mirrors as an essential optical component is evidenced by the range of applications they serve in scientific, industrial, and medical fields.

Metallic mirrors are commonly used for their high reflectivity in a broad wavelength range and are suitable for applications such as laser systems, microscopy, and spectroscopy.

Dielectric mirrors offer high reflectivity at specific wavelengths and angles, making them ideal for use in telecommunications, fluorescence microscopy, and laser cavities.

Mirrors have become a critical component in modern optical systems due to their ability to manipulate light waves. They can be used to control the direction of light propagation or redirect it entirely.

The development of advanced manufacturing techniques has enabled the production of highly accurate mirrors capable of reflecting light with minimal loss.

As research evolves towards better precision optics, the use of metallic and dielectric mirrors will continue to grow across various industries.


Lenses are a fundamental component in optical systems that enable the focusing and manipulation of light waves to achieve desired optical characteristics.

They can be used for imaging, collimation, magnification, and beam shaping. Lenses come in different shapes and sizes, with varying refractive indices and surface curvatures.

The most common types of lenses are spherical lenses, cylindrical lenses, achromatic lenses, and aspherical lenses.

Optical components such as lenses play a critical role in opto mechanical components by enhancing their performance through precise control of light propagation.

EKSMA Optics offers a wide range of lenses that cater to various applications such as laser processing, equipment, scientific research, telecommunications and more.

Their product line includes plano-convex or plano-concave spherical lenses with standard or high precision surfaces; cylindrical lenses with positive or negative power; achromatic doublets made from two different types of glass for chromatic aberration correction; and custom designed aspherical lens systems to achieve ultra-high precision optics


Polarizers are essential optical components that selectively transmit or absorb polarized light waves for various applications in imaging, communication, and sensing.

These devices work by filtering out one polarization state while allowing the other to pass through. Polarizers come in different types, including linear polarizers, circular polarizers, and wire-grid polarizers.

EKSMA Optics offers a wide range of optomechanical components such as polarizers that enable precision control of optical systems.

One of their popular products is the Glan-Taylor prism which is a type of birefringent crystal used as a high-performance linear polarizer over a broad spectral range.

It operates at higher transmission efficiency than other types of linear polarizers due to its low absorption loss and high extinction ratio.

Beam Splitters

Beam splitters are essential optical components that divide a beam of light into two or more paths for various applications in quantum optics, interferometry, and spectroscopy.

The range of beam splitter types offered by EKSMA Optics is extensive and includes both plate and cube configurations. These devices are made from high-quality materials such as BK7 glass, UV-grade fused silica, and calcium fluoride to ensure the highest transmission rates.

Here are some examples of beam splitters:

  • Polarizing beam splitters: These devices split an incoming beam of light into two beams with different polarizations.
  • Non-polarizing beam splitters: These devices split an incoming beam without altering its polarization state.
  • Dichroic mirrors: These devices reflect one wavelength range while transmitting another.
  • Laser line mirrors: These devices have high reflectivity at a specific laser wavelength.

The versatility of these optical components makes them useful in a wide range of scientific research areas. Wide selection ensures that researchers can find the right tools to suit their needs for precision measurements or imaging techniques.

With so many options available, customers can trust that they will be able to find the perfect solution for their specific application needs.

Optical Systems: Beam Expanders

One of the fundamental components in optical systems, beam expanders play a crucial role in controlling and manipulating light to achieve desired outcomes.

As their name suggests, beam expanders are optical devices that enlarge or reduce the size of incoming laser beams while maintaining their collimation.

This is achieved through a combination of lenses and mirrors that work together to either diverge or converge the beam.

At EKSMA Optics, customers can find a range of beam expander options for their specific needs. These include fixed and variable magnification options as well as zoom systems with adjustable expansion ratios.

Additionally, opto mechanical components such as mounts and adapters are also available to ensure proper alignment and stability during use.

Metallic mirrors further enhance performance by minimizing losses due to reflection or absorption within the system.

With these high-quality optical components users can design precise and efficient optical systems for various applications ranging from laser processing to scientific research.

Custom Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Tailored optical components can be produced to cater to individual requirements. These custom solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of clients in various industries, including healthcare, defense, and aerospace.

EKSMA Optics’ team of experts work closely with customers to understand their specific needs and develop customized optical components that deliver optimal performance.

The company’s vast experience in producing high-quality optical components enables them to provide tailored solutions that meet or exceed industry standards.

Whether it is a simple modification or an entirely new design, the company works diligently to ensure the final product meets the customer’s specifications.

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