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High-Tech Bots and Devices for Business Owners

Hiring employees is one of the costliest moves any business owner can make. Along with the obvious monetary toll in the form of payroll expenses, there are other considerations.

Things like insurance, necessary office space, training, and other factors can add up fast. Maybe that’s why so many entrepreneurs and independent startup owners are seeking financial relief in the form of automation.

Companies of all sizes and in all industries can leverage the savings and increased efficiency that many forms of technology can deliver. Devices like video recorders are a huge help to transport companies that operate truck fleets.

In a similar way, businesses use biometric ID units and all-around security systems to make workplaces safer. The new generation of smart locks and robotic security guards do the same thing for thousands of job sites and office buildings all over the world.

What are the most popular products companies are using to get the job done? Here are pertinent details about a few of the most common devices and bots on the market.

Video Recorders for Transport Fleet Companies

Companies that operate vehicle fleets make use of one of the most advanced and helpful pieces of modern technology. Network video recorder (NVR) camera setups are an ideal way to acquire in-depth knowledge of what’s happening at a given work site, inside a vehicle, or anywhere else.

The goal is to enhance overall efficiency, general security, and job safety at the same time. Whenever a business owner chooses to use an NVR security system, they’re leveraging the newest tech in the field.

However, it’s imperative for supervisors and management teams to know how to make wise purchases when they set out to acquire a new NVR.

Priorities should focus on features like cloud storage capacity, VMS (video management systems) features, remote access to the camera’s recorded footage, and sophisticated IP cams.

Biometric Security

Biometric devices can verify a person’s identity with amazing accuracy. Products in the line include those that can use parts of the human body, in addition to fingerprints, to prevent unauthorized access to designated work areas.

Iris scanners, palm vein readers, whole-face recognition systems, and many more advanced programs make up the overall field of biometric identification. In recent years, prices for such essential equipment have come down to the point where even small companies can afford to protect their workspaces with biometric security arrangements.

All-Around Surveillance

All-around cameras and general security systems have been in use for more than a decade. But, with recent advances in camera technology, the cost of comprehensive products in the niche has come down significantly.

Today, even one-person businesses use high-tech cameras and motion detection alarms to prevent break-ins and unauthorized use of office machines.

Robo Guards

If you are curious about streamlining your business with automation, check out robo guards. Robotic guards are one of the newest products whose prices have fallen in the past few years.

The small devices resemble robot vacuums, roll along on a programmed route as they dodge obstacles, and send real-time video and audio data to human guards in other locations.

In essence, robo-guards are video surveillance cameras and microphones that move throughout a given business property, both inside and outside, much as their human counterparts do but for a fraction of the cost.

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