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Seniors and their Automobiles: Financial Protection after an Accident

Most seniors like to be independent. This could mean continuing to drive their car even against their family’s advice. Thankfully, insurance proves to be a good financial cover against accidents.

For minor accidents like a fender bender or rear-end collision at low speed, car insurance can come in handy for seniors and their families.

One of the prominent names in the car insurance industry is Progressive. The provider is known for its cost-effective plans, with something for everybody, including seniors. Make sure you check for Progressive auto insurance reviews if your existing coverage is expiring or if you want to switch providers.

Car Accidents Can Be Expensive

This should come as no surprise, but every US state (except ​​Virginia and New Hampshire) mandates some form of car insurance to protect you and others involved in the accident from financial liability.

However, you could be in some trouble if you’re driving the car without valid insurance. Not only would this make you financially liable to cover the expenses of your automobile and any other damages, but you may also face legal consequences.

Pick the Right Type of Insurance

With multiple car insurance providers to choose from, picking the right company can be a bit of a challenge. However, seniors can make the decision easier on themselves by asking their agent for the best coverage options or searching through an online car insurance comparison tool.

A number of factors can influence car insurance premiums, including past driving records, the frequency of claims, and so on. On the other hand, drivers who maintain a good driving record could receive discounts on their monthly insurance premiums.

Comprehensive insurance is the best coverage for seniors as it covers a bulk of the expenses. You may have to pay a deductible with each claim, so make sure you discuss all the terms before choosing your preferred comprehensive car insurance plan.

Steps to Take After an Accident

The first thing you need to do after an accident is to make sure you and the passengers are safe and away from danger. You can then proceed to exchange contact numbers, insurance, and policy details, along with the license plate, color, and model of the car.

It is also recommended to note down the location of the accident since it could help the insurance company process the claim quicker.

You can then file the insurance claim with the provider. The insurance adjuster will review the details provided by both parties and determine who is at fault. A general inspection of the vehicles involved and property damage may also be conducted.

The Bottom Line

It’s natural to panic after getting into a car accident, even if it’s a relatively minor incident. But if you remember the steps mentioned above, you can make sure you’re financially covered in the event of any damage.

Discussing fault is not important, especially after an accident. Instead, approach the situation calmly, regardless of fault, and exchange all relevant information to help with the claims process. Make sure you ask your family or friends to ferry you to your preferred locations for a couple of days after the accident as the car gets fixed.

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