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South Korea AutoStore integrator Asetec joins the RightHand Robotics partner integrator network

RightHand Robotics, a provider of autonomous robotic picking solutions for order fulfillment, and Asetec, a logistics automation ICT company, have partnered for future robotic logistics center integration projects in South Korea.

As an AutoStore integrator, Asetec will combine the world’s leading robotic storage system and other matched technologies with RightHand Robotics’ award-winning RightPick item-handling solution to expand its offerings with a diversified range of automation.

Founded in 1996, Asetec is a turnkey integrator for logistics centers, providing customers with consulting and engineering, automation design and construction, and AI software solutions (WMS/TMS/OMS/WCS).

Over the past three years, the company has grown significantly, with revenues generated by a mix of software products and system integrations.

Throughout this period, the firm has identified the strong need for AI-enabled robotic solutions that can be applied to supply chain and warehouse challenges for the South Korean market.

JongSuk Park, founder and CEO of Asetec, says: “In recent years we’ve seen tremendous growth, especially during Covid, as customer demand for robotic automation multiplied, leading us to adapt and enhance our business and product offering.

“To continue to meet the market need, we’re excited to partner with RightHand Robotics, the leader in robotic piece-picking, and offer a fully integrated RightPick–AutoStore system solution for South Korea.”

Asetec joins the RightHand Robotics Partner Integrator program, the company’s flagship strategic partnership initiative that makes it easier for end customers to adopt the RightPick platform and integrate with their preferred automation suppliers.

The new collaboration will accelerate the program’s growth initiative and further expand its reach into the Asian logistics market.

Leif Jentoft, co-founder and CSO of RightHand Robotics, says: “We’re thrilled to work with Asetec and gain momentum in South Korea.

“With over 1,000 domestic customers from pharmaceutical to e-commerce to general goods, there will be numerous opportunities for our RightPick technology to integrate with Asetec’s AutoStore solution and fulfill customer orders nationally. We look forward to advancing Asetec’s business.”

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