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New Scale Robotics releases Q-Span to automate measurement inspection

New Scale Robotics’ new Q-Span Gauging System enables do-it-yourself automation using existing gauges and workflows.

Quality teams in high-mix, small-batch manufacturing operations can improve throughput and process control by eliminating the bottlenecks and variability inherent in manual gauging.

The mobile workstation combines robotic part handling, automated gauging using a variety of standard gauges, real-time reporting for in-process gauging, and automated data collection. Input from multiple gauges is combined into one convenient output for statistical process control.

New Scale configures Q-Span Gauging Systems to incorporate the customer’s qualified processes and metrology tools from their trusted and approved suppliers.

These tools may include LVDT probes, bore gauges, height gauges, plug gauges, air gauges, laser micrometers, vision systems and more. New Scale also provides precision robotic grippers/calipers that mount on the robot arm.

The Q-Span System is based on a Universal Robots collaborative robot for flexibility, ease of use, and rapid return on investment.

Grippers are configured to handle the parts to be measured, with up to three different grippers on the robot at a time. Control software is easily configured on the shop floor for additional parts and processes.

With the UR teach pendant and “zero-code” programming, no robotics experience or special training is needed.

The Q‑Span Gauging System is easy to incorporate into existing work spaces and work flows. The workstation table rolls up to any workbench, and the collaborative robot operates alongside employees without safety curtains or other special accommodations.

Q-Span Gauging Systems are available directly from New Scale Robotics.

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