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New Kuka Quantec palletizing robot ‘faster than ever’

Industrial robot maker Kuka says the new version of its KR Quantec PA robotic arm palletizes “faster than ever”.

Kuka says the KR Quantec PA is the most powerful palletizing robot on the market and that the second generation of the robot features “an impressive reduction in cycle times”.

The Quantec has a payload of up to 240 kilograms and food-grade NSF H1 lubricants, and is aimed at the food industry.

Kuka says it has “completely reworked” its KR Quantec PA. Developed specifically for demanding palletizing tasks, this second generation design includes optimized weight and center of gravity as well as improved drive units, which build on the latest technology for gear units and motors.

Its reduced footprint requires very little space. Up to 10 percent faster that its predecessor with a comparable payload, the KR Quantec PA also sets new automated production standards for cycle times.

Michael Laub, Kuka product manager, says: “With the second generation of the KR Quantec PA, we have achieved a perfect balance between axis velocity and acceleration – for the best cycle times.”

For example, the robot type achieves 28.3 cycles per minute with a payload of 240 kilograms.

Laub adds: “Beyond this, we also worked to increase axis velocities – for example, for layer formation during palletizing or long 180° rotations.”

To meet the increased requirements of the consumer goods industry, especially the food industry in the secondary sector, Kuka also offers the palletizing robot in a “Hygienic Oil” variant. which uses food-compatible NSF H1 lubricants in all axes and the energy supply system.

Standard KR Quantec PA models and their HO variants are designed for the latest Kuka KR C5 robot controller. These second-generation robots also offer outstanding value and total cost of ownership.

The Mean Time Before Failure of the entire robot arm has improved significantly to 400,000 hours while maintenance effort has reduced by 50 percent compared to predecessor models.

With this new design, the robot only needs a visual inspection, lubrication of the counterbalancing system bearings and an oil change every 20,000 operating hours. This likely makes the KR Quantec PA the best robot in its class.

Laub says: “A KR Quantec PA is a sustainable investment in the future of production. In conjunction with the Kuka.PalletTech technology package, the robot enables innovative cell concepts for palletizing tasks, particularly for the consumer goods industry.”

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