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Tools Guide for Your Heavy-Duty Workshop

Whether you are looking to start the workshop you have always wanted or you want to uplift an existing one, there are a few tools you need to have on your wish list.

If you are a handyman by profession, or you love DIY projects, the most common must-have equipment includes a table saw, radial arm saw, band saw, or a good stud welder, depending on your frequent projects.

Dress-up equipment like a drill press, lathe, and a planer, are essentials every workshop should have. Most projects can be passed only using a drill press, a saw, and proper hand tools.

To a large degree, the tools you will need are influenced by your goals and projects, so it is essential to equip your workshop with the right tools for you.

Here’s a guide to help you through your heavy-duty projects in your workshop.

Table Saw

Whether it’s a portable workbench or a heavy-duty model you’re working on, a table saw is probably the most important and adaptable too you need.

With a circular saw blade sticking out a slot, the table saw is a solid structured table with adjustable angles to allow adjustments and cutting dept.

The cutting blade spins from the ‘arbor’ with a moving axle regarding the cutting angle. A few things contribute to the cost of a table saw, which determine the machine’s flexibility as well.

A large blade means you can cut through the larger stock and can be pricey, but it also means that it can be less portable but fixed.

Air Compressor

In the age of air-powered and pneumatic tools, washers, spray guns, saws, grinders, impact wrenches, sanders drills, and nailers, the air compressor is, without a doubt, virtually essential.

With on and off control (governor), the compressor is operated with a motorized pump and a tank to store all the compressed air. The governor’s primary role is to ensure the pressure is kept to its preset limits and regulates the air according to the tools used and their needs.

When choosing the suitable compressor for you, consider the weight, size, and cost.

Drill Press

You may be pretty familiar with a hand drill, and a drill press is nothing more than a fixed version of that on a table. Securing a drill press this way does wonders, especially when you need to drill precisely.

With a system of gears and pulleys, using a hand-powered lever, the drill press is powered by an electric motor.

The throat of the drill determines its size, which is the distance between the axis and the supporting column, where the spindle of the drill spins. Apart from drilling holes of all kinds, a drill press can be used for grooving, sanding, and mortising projects.


Also known as a Scroll Saw, the jigsaw may as well be called a gingerbread saw because cutting through intricate shapes, angles, and tight curves is what it does best.

The jigsaw blades are short and straight; cut in an up-down motion, they are clamped at the top and bottom.

Although jigsaws come in different speed settings, they aren’t built for quick jobs but rather designed to be precise.

Jigsaw blades can be delicate and fragile, so depending on the size of the wood and the job at hand, you need to consider the depth of the saw throat and blades used.

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