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Robotic 3D metal printing startup MX3D raises €2.25 million in new funding

Innovative robotic 3D metal printing company MX3D has raised €2.25 million to scale up and launch its M1 Metal Additive Manufacturing System.

DOEN Participaties, PDENH and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency took part in the investment round in MX3D, which is based in Holland and is famous for building a 3D printed bridge across a canal.

The funds will be used to launch the M1, a complete robotic metal AM system, including a welding robot, software and control system to 3D print metal parts in-house.

Additionally, the investments will speed up development of MetalXL, a solution including software and a control system, that turn existing welding robots into industrial grade 3D metal printers.

Robotic 3D metal printing company MX3D, known for the 3D printed stainless steel bridge in Amsterdam, is widely recognized as a key pioneer in the robotic wire arc additive manufacturing industry.

As one of the market leaders in this new promising field of 3D printing, the MX3D technology opens the doors to the advantages of additive manufacturing for high impact industries like oil and gas, maritime and tooling.

MX3D’s software and control system, MetalXL, turns existing welding robots into an industrial metal AM system and allows users to manage the whole process from design to print in one go.

Since its first investment, MX3D has successfully introduced MetalXL with a large group of launching customers. The current investment will be used for the commercial rollout.

Simultaneously, the company launches its M1 metal AM system: a full solution for a customer to start printing, including a welding robot, software and control system.

Gijs van der Velden, CEO of MX3D, says: “Our Metal XL Software and Control System enables companies to turn their welding robot into a high end 3D metal printer, in the course of one day.

“Since the launch of MetalXL we have received many customer requests whether we could supply them with a complete solution. The M1 metal AM System is the answer to this call. Now customers without a welding robot can quickly and affordably start printing large metal parts.”

Development and commercialisation

MX3D moves forward with the development of MetalXL, a product which connects multiple brands of robots, power sources and sensors.

Van der Velden says: “Our goal is to connect several more robot brands, which allows us to service more than 80 percent of the world wide robotic market.”

Merijn ten Thije, impact investment manager at DOEN Participaties, says: “DOEN Participates has supported MX3D for a long time and with this new investment we show that we have a lot of faith in the new M1 metal AM System and the future of MX3D.

“The innovative MX3D solution enables companies to improve their production methods and significantly reduce the need for transport and material. This can have a significant positive impact towards a more sustainable future.”

Joost de Waard, investment manager for PDENH, says: “We strongly believe in the technological lead and worldwide potential of MX3D and gladly help to realize the growth plans of the ambitious MX3D team.”

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