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Are Robots After Your Job?

With all the new technology being developed lately, it’s common to worry about job security, especially when we consider that robotics and automation are bound to eventually replace a lot of workers. In fact, it’s pretty common to find businesses automating tasks that we once performed by humans.

Not only are machines more reliable, they’re also unhindered by things like fatigue and stress, which essentially minimizes the margin of error.

Coupled with the Covid-19 pandemic and the migration of business to the online landscape, job security is now more important than ever.

Negative media portrayals of automation and robotics have created a lingering sense of unease when it comes to technology replacing humans, but these new developments may not be as bad as many people think. Here are some reasons why we should be more open to the evolution of technology:

History Shows Otherwise

Disruptive technologies have not only replaced older, obsolete technologies, but they have also created new job opportunities. In fact, history shows that the economy has consistently adjusted to technological advancements.

These new pieces of technology even ended up creating new industries of their own. Just look at how the motor-powered vehicle completely replaced the horse-drawn carriage.

The same rings true for information technology. It’s amazing how something intangible like information birthed this industry. Many industry giants are built on information alone, such as ride-hailing services like Uber and Grab. Services like these don’t own their own fleets, yet they provide transportation for their clients.

New Jobs for the New Era

If there’s one thing that’s as inexorable as the passing of time, it is the progress of technology. Sometimes it just takes a catalyst to initiate that shift.

The Covid-19 pandemic we’re currently enduring is a prime example of this. Seeing as people are confined within their homes, there is now an increased dependence on the internet.

Industries across the board are using the internet to get work accomplished, and there is an increased demand for freelancers, digital marketing experts, and cybersecurity specialists.

It’s All a Matter of Perspective

As previously mentioned, technology will continue to develop, whether we like it or not. Progress may be beyond our control, but what is under our control is our ability to find creative ways to synergize with evolving tech.

Whether it’s in finding new career paths, or offering services that are vital to automation, there are many things that we can do to prepare for the advent of automation.

Services like PostgreSQL Backup and Recovery with WAL are bound to flourish in an automation age due to our increasing reliance on data and data security.

Programmers, software engineers, and even repair technicians who specialize in repairing robots are bound to find a place in all of this. 

Evolving alongside technology is a matter of perspective and preparation.

While robots aren’t out for our jobs, adapting to the times will create new and exciting opportunities for everyone.

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