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What is the Effect of Artificial Intelligence on VPN Technology?

Anyone who has reservations about their privacy online due to various issues has likely already used VPN services in one way or another. The use of a virtual private network ensures that your connection to the Internet is secure no matter where you are.

While the use of a VPN might feel like people are going overboard with their privacy issues, there are legitimate reasons to worry.

For example, the use of popular VPN services such as those found in the ensures that you do not have to worry about shady individuals taking advantage of your connection.

While it might not seem like such a big deal for the average individual, celebrities, and even content creators from streaming sites are consistent online targets due to their popularity.

How artificial intelligence makes things challenging to protect your privacy

In essence, artificial intelligence is all about a machine’s ability to think and reason like a human being. While machine learning is still quite far from humanity’s ability to reason, it already far outstrips the latter in a variety of ways.

Artificial intelligence is all about reducing human error, and its capacity to perform complex tasks improves by the day. In the case of internet privacy, companies make use of artificial intelligence to gather data on individuals based on their actions online.

As if that was not enough, specific applications make use of the microphone feature to listen in on calls to determine how best to make use of advertisements. AI is used to absorb information and make money on a grand scale, with the internet as the stage.

How artificial intelligence protects your privacy online

Just as large companies make use of AI to delve into the online preferences of the masses, artificial intelligence is also used to protect said groups from data mining. According to VPN companies make advancements to AI so that it can better protect you online.

For example, online censorship being reinforced by AI can make it extremely challenging to maintain privacy and do what you like online. However, a virtual private network backed by AI can effectively cancel out AI censorship in different ways.

For those who are still on the fence regarding VPNs

There is no denying that the effect of artificial intelligence in the data mining process is not something to be taken lightly. The use of a VPN is practically mandatory these days to ensure that you are protected when making use of the net.

Keep in mind that most people have digital assets, and much of their work revolves around the online world. It can make things all too easy for your privacy to be compromised without using a VPN.

Without artificial intelligence, it would be highly unlikely for virtual private networks to experience any kind of success when protecting your privacy online. In a lot of ways, VPN companies are fighting fire with fire, as machine learning algorithms are used in opposite ways.

Main image by Stefan Coders from Pixabay

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