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The Top 3 Email Integrations You Should Make Use Of

If you’re a business and are looking to automate some of your processes for better efficiency, you should definitely consider integrations. Used within your CRM, e-commerce and billing integration systems, they’re a surefire way to improve your e-mail strategy. Here’s why.

It makes use of all your client data in a meaningful way for highly personalised emails and segmentation.

It saves you from jumping around loads of apps and boosts open rate.

All data is held in one place. This means that many different campaigns can be tracked at once, and the data can be accessed by all requiring it.

Using Email Marketing with Your CRM, Ecommerce & Billing Systems


A CRM is an essential tool for tracking and storing interactions with both leads and clients. It also helps you organise and book in tasks to boost marketing performance. Email marketing can be used alongside a CRM for a number of reasons.

First of all, it’s good for working out a realistic ROI thanks to the subtracting of marketing costs from converted leads. Sales calls are better personalised to subscribers using their data, and this can be further used to cross-sell, upsell or send perfectly timed emails.

You always know that data is up to date and error-free, and specific actions can be triggered like abandoned cart or expiration of membership.


Did you know that over 50% of email leads are aimed at people not ready to make a purchase? E-mail marketing can help here by encouraging more conversions through more tailored messages. After all, you already have customer data, so why not make use of it? You can even recover what a customer had in their cart!

Just some of the advantages of email marketing for online stores include the ability to gather feedback and refine the user experience, offer discounts to specific customers or the ability to collect customer data using forms. This can be used later to entice them back.

Billing Software

Billing is another area where email marketing comes in useful. When you use invoicing software, creating custom campaigns becomes a breeze! Messages can be segmented by user location, prospects can be identified close to an event location and contacts can be encouraged to renew through automated campaigns using past purchase data.

Campaigns can be generated for discounts and promos to encourage repeat purchases. Want to know other techniques and benefits of integrating e-mail platforms with billing? Read more to find out.

Improve Your Business with Email Integrations

Integrations can be used across a number of different platforms to make campaigns more relevant, efficient and accurate. With CRMs, integration offers better sales visibility, fewer errors and a more precise ROI, as well as a better environment for staff to collaborate.

When using integrations with ecommerce tools, more targeted campaigns can be produced, while with billing platforms, location-specific content can be produced.


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