How does a spy app like Hoverwatch help control your children?

The software items used for stealing information about an individual or an organization are known as spyware programs.

What are spyware programs?

One can use these spyware programs by installing them on android devices secretly as well as without the permission of their owners by following a set of procedures.

These spyware programs are normally used to collect personal information, changing the configuration of the targeted computer as well as advertising and so on.

How does the monitoring program work?

The monitoring programs like Hoverwatch can help the employers and parents in tracking the activities of their employees as well as kids while using the mobile phones provided to them for the purpose of communicating with their family and friends.

The parents as well as employers can use this free mobile spy app for android to improve the productivity by checking whether they are wasting their time in watching movies, wandering aimlessly, chatting online or playing games and so on.

The messages, and phone calls made and received by the kids or employees can be recorded on this spyware which can be used as witness in case of any dispute.

Why do users choose Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch is selected by the employers as well as parents to track the activities of their kids and employees as they can misuse their mobile phone.

Actually they have to provide android mobile phones to their employees as well as kids to remain in touch with their employers and parents respectively.

But when they see that no one is there to check their activities they can misuse their mobile device for chatting with their friends, playing games, visiting websites with adult materials or wasting time by watching movies during their working hours.

The employers as well as parents can use free mobile spy app for android to track the location of their employees and kids, their online activities and well as the websites visited by them.

What do I need to install Hoverwatch on my Android device?

Hoverwatch spy app can be installed easily on an android phone in few simple steps, as listed below.

  1. Sign up: First of all you will have to sign-up with Hoverwatch to open an online account free for cost, by providing your personal information including your name, address as well as email address and etc. password.
  2. Download and installation of software: You can download and install Hoverwatch on the mobile device or phone to be tracked, once the account is opened on this platform.
  3. Start tracking: After downloading and installing this spyware you can start tracking the android devices of your employees or kids through it.

How do I use this program?

You can use Hoverwatch by using its exclusive tracking features like:

No exposure

The mobile phone used by the employers as well as parents, to get accurate information of the activities of their employees and kids, will not be exposed to the users of targeted phones.

Track calls and text messages

You can also use this spyware to record all the incoming and outgoing calls as well as text messages and images received and sent from the tracked mobile phone.

Track social media

It also allows you to track and save the activities of your employees as well as kids on their social media account including WhatsApp, Facebook and Viber etc.

Track geo-location

This feature of this spyware allows you to track the geographic location of your kids or employees by using GPS, Wi-Fi signals and cell towers.

Front camera photo

This feature clicks the photo of the user every time he unlocks the phone.
Replacement of SIM Card

This feature will allow you to track the mobile phone even if the user has changed its SIM card.

Track 5 devices at a time

You can track 5 android phones or devices at a time by installing Hoverwatch on them.

History of internet usage

The history of all the activities on internet through the targeted device will be recorded on this spyware which can be used later on as evidence in case of any dispute.

To do list

If the user of the tracked mobile phone is habitual to make to do list then you can get this information through this spyware. It will help you in controlling the activities of your kids of staff.


You can also know about all the entries in the phone book of the targeted phone including the name, number and email address so that you can know about the contacts of your targeted person.


This feature of Hoverwatch can allow you to know who has used the tracked phone and why by sending your screenshots every time the phone is used for any online or offline activity.

Snapchat spy

It can also help in tracking the data shared through Snapchat including documents, drawings, photos, audios and videos through and to the tracked phone.

How do I use Hoverwatch for free?

You can use Hoverwatch, a free mobile spy app for android, to keep an vigilant eye on the android phones used by your employees are kids by recording the SMS, and phone calls made and received by them along with their activities on Social media, MMS, contacts, calendar geo-location and activities on internet.

You can use all these services without using any credit or debit card. You can track the android phones of all of your kid or workers with a single account with Hoverwatch. All the activities can be viewed in sequential manner.

What is the paid functionality of the Hoverwatch Android spyware app?

The record of all the activities tracked will be saved for up to 7 days after the end of the period of subscription. You will have to renew the subscription on time to continue monitoring as well as maintain the record otherwise it will be deleted automatically.

Legality and prices

Though Hoverwatch is a legal spyware still you will have to use it carefully as the way you are using it can be considered as the breach of law.

However, tracking the phones of employee and kids is legal unless you are breaching their privacy.

Hoverwatch, a free mobile spy app for android, is available in three price slabs – for families, for personal use and for business owners. Families can monitor 5 devices for $39.95 per month or $199.95 per year.

Personally you can track only one device at a monthly fee of $19.95 or $99.95 per year. Business owners can track 25 devices at $149.95 per month or $499.95 per year.


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