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Heidenhain launches new encoder

Heidenhain has launched a new encoder for use with Acu-Rite’s digital readouts.

The AMO LMF 9310 multi-section linear encoder adds to the company’s line of linear encoders.

The new TTL encoder is specifically designed for long length applications (over 10′) on manually operated machines and is compatible with Heidenhain’s Acu-Rite brand of digital readouts. 

The AMO LMF 9310 is an excellent replacement for the retired Acu-Rite ENC 250 encoder.

AMO is owned by Heidenhain.

The LMF 9310 is an inductive encoder available with measuring lengths from 3,150 mm (124″) up to 18,270 mm (719″), in 180 mm (7″) increments. It comes standard with a 20µm accuracy grade, 1000µm grating pitch, and a 5µm measuring step.

The features of the new encoder include:

  • Contamination resistance – IP67
  • Insensitive to interfering magnetic fields
  • High precision
  • High resolution
  • Speed up to 3 m/s
  • Operating temperature -10°C to 80°C
  • Distance coded reference pulse
  • Scanning Head includes a flexible mounting coupling to assist in mounting