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China making ‘30 per cent more industrial robots’

cctv propaganda

China made 30 per cent more industrial robots in the first nine months of this year compared to the same period last year, according to the Communist government’s propaganda outlet CCTV

CCTV quoted a “ministry of industry and information technology official”, who was speaking at the Shanghai Industry Fair last week, when providing the figure.

China is already thought to be the world’s largest market for industrial robots, but it wants to become a maker of the machines as well. 

China has launched a “robot revolution” in which it aims to become more of an advanced manufacturing hub rather than the labour-intensive workhouse it is currently seen as.

China’s leaders have announced a variety of measures to achieve this and have made funds available to local governments and business leaders.

And regular readers of this website will know that a Chinese household appliances company called Midea has bought German industrial robot giant Kuka for approximately $5 billion.

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