Flytrex launches ‘world’s first’ autonomous drone delivery system in Reykjavík

A company called Flytrex claims it has launched the world’s first autonomous drone delivery system in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Flytrex says there is currently “sushi in the skies of Iceland” as the drone logistics company partners with to launch what it says is the “world’s first fully operational autonomous drone delivery system”.

Drone technology company Flytrex is partnering with Aha, Iceland’s largest online marketplace, for the on-demand urban drone delivery service.  Continue reading Flytrex launches ‘world’s first’ autonomous drone delivery system in Reykjavík

Reinventing the shopping trolley wheel

shopping trolleys

Sony used to be regarded as one of the very best technology companies in the world, but in the past few years the electronics giant has claimed that it’s had to deal with a few setbacks. Its mobile phone business is not as successful as it would like it to be, and the market it was hoping would lift its fortunes – sensors – is also said to be going through a less profitable phase.

It’s difficult to know what mind games these large, multinational corporations like Sony are playing, because even as it gives the impression of having to deal with struggles and challenges, its profits from smartphones are up 133 per cent, according to a report Up 133 per cent? There’s probably plenty of companies who’d welcome having to struggle with 133 per cent increases in profits. Unless Sony staff are having to take all the money in rather large and heavy coins, one wonders what the struggle is.

However, Sony’s sensor business is reportedly not doing as well, with lower sales and fewer orders. Sony had previously said it would concentrate more on the sensor market, suggesting that it believed the technology was its way out of the current “struggle”.  Continue reading Reinventing the shopping trolley wheel