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ForwardX Robotics AMRs fulfill more than 26 million orders during global shopping spree

The boom of e-commerce in recent years has significantly transformed the global business landscape, as evidenced by the remarkable growth in global e-commerce sales.

This year, a record-breaking $9.8 billion was spent by Black Friday shoppers in the US.

The global shopping festival, known as Singles Day or Double 11, saw over 640 million parcels delivered on November 11th alone and in 2022 brought in an estimate $140.5 billion in sales during the 11-day extravaganza.

This year, ForwardX Robotics, alongside a leading e-commerce conglomerate,, extended their collaboration across various warehouses to manage the increased demand for efficient picking processes, ensuring prompt deliveries that include same-day, next-day, and even expedited one-hour services across more than 2,000 areas.

ForwardX Robotics’ autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) played a critical role in managing heavy loads, household appliances, and diverse small to medium-sized items in several product-specific warehouses, enhancing both piece and case picking processes.

This partnership led to the successful dispatch of over 26 million shipments, a striking 76 percent growth compared to the previous year.

The fleet of more than 300 AMRs covered distances surpassing 2700 kilometers across more than 30 warehouses, overseeing an operational expanse exceeding 150,000 square meters.

This achievement is particularly remarkable against the backdrop of historical challenges with order inaccuracies and delays associated with a drastic increase in orders, which often requires additional temporary staffing.

An Adobe report recently highlighted that global e-commerce sales hit a new high of $5.7 trillion in 2022, with projections set to soar to $7.5 trillion by 2026.

As e-commerce continues to prosper, businesses face golden opportunities for substantial revenue and sales, especially during peak periods.

Nevertheless, this boom puts immense pressure on logistic operations to process and fulfill orders swiftly and competently, underscoring an acute need for adaptable automation solutions.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and incorporating automated systems like the AMRs from ForwardX Robotics, warehouses can revolutionize their processes to attain unmatched efficiency, accurate inventory control, and prompt delivery services, catering to the high demands of the bustling peak seasons.

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