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Badger Technologies teams up with BRdata to give retail robots more insight

Badger Technologies, a product division of Jabil and maker of a retail stock-taking robot, has teamed with BRdata Software Solutions to assist grocers in attaining actionable data and aggregated analytics to improve store profitability, operational efficiencies and shopping experiences.

Real-time inventory, pricing and trend data collected by Badger Technologies’ multipurpose autonomous robots can be ingested by BRdata’s cloud-based retail software to support identifying discrepancies and resolving on-shelf product and pricing problems with increased agility and accuracy.

Through seamless integration of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Badger Technologies and BRdata empower grocers to transform operations and customer shopping experiences.

William Santiago, CEO of Badger Technologies, says: “We are excited to collaborate with BRdata to provide grocers with a comprehensive view into what’s really happening on their store shelves every day.

“Independent grocers, in particular, will benefit from the integration of our robot-collected data and dashboards with BRdata’s enterprise retail software to maximize sales and profits.”

Independent supermarkets drove approximately one-third of US grocery sales last year, according to the National Grocers Association (NGA).

As retailers with strong ties to the communities they serve, independent grocers continually adapt to demand for new shopping experiences by investing in automation to streamline operations, reduce cost structures and increase customer engagement.

John Abbene, president of BRdata Software Solutions, says: “BRdata understands the need for simple yet powerful solutions that enable independent grocers to deliver greater value to their customers through the collection and use of accurate, real-time data.

“Through our collaboration with Badger Technologies, we can ingest the latest pricing and product data into our software to quickly identify and easily resolve product and price discrepancies across order fulfillment, warehouse, inventory, POS and e-commerce systems.”

At the BRdata World user conference, Woodman’s Markets will highlight the grocery chain’s use of Badger Technologies autonomous robots as well as the opportunity to combine highly accurate in-store data with BRdata’s enterprise software suite.

An employee-owned retail chain with 19 stores throughout Wisconsin and Illinois, Woodman’s is known for its exhaustive product selection, which typically spans 100,000 items at each location.

Woodman’s Markets uses Badger Technologies robots to reduce the time needed to verify prices at each store from 40 hours monthly to eight hours. Moreover, the retailer automates storewide shelf scans for price compliance, enabling staff to cut in half the time required to hang price tags.

Using robotics and retail automation to improve on-shelf product availability and price integrity lightens burdens on constrained staff while filling critical support gaps caused by lingering labor shortages.

Additionally, the ability to provide precise product location data enhances Woodman’s online shopping system through improved pick-list management and expedited order fulfillment.

Data gathered by Badger robots is integrated with BRdata’s enterprise software to support other critical store operations, including order fulfillment and warehouse management.

Kristin Popp, executive vice president at Woodman’s Markets, says: “Our automated shelf scans have not only improved Woodman’s inventory strategies, but we also gain critical trending insights to better forecast and manage third-party suppliers.

“Combining the data gathered by the Badger robots with the capabilities across the BRdata cloud ecosystem will enhance our mission to provide the widest variety of grocery items at the best prices.”

Badger Technologies is a platinum sponsor at BRdata World, which is being held October 2-6 at the Hyatt Regency Long Island in Hauppauge, New York. Woodman’s Markets will join Badger Technologies to demonstrate the benefits of autonomous robots, retail automation and data integration with BRdata’s enterprise retail software.

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