Webinars: A new service from Robotics and Automation News

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Here at Robotics and Automation News, we are always adding features and functionality we hope our readers will find interesting and useful, and today we launch our Webinars.

We may rename it Robotics and Automation Webinars, but we’ll keep it simple for now.

For the first few weeks, we will offer Webinars as a free service to anyone who has any interesting and useful information to share with our readers.

If you want to host such an event, please contact us on sales@roboticsandautomationnews.com and we will reply within 24 hours.

Remember, this is being launched initially as a free service, so why not try it out on behalf of your own company, product or service?

We will provide technical support in setting up the webinar, as well as marketing support in raising awareness of your event among our audience, through our website and social media network.