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Locus Robotics unveils AI-powered warehouse optimization system

Locus Robotics, a provider of autonomous mobile robots for fulfillment warehouses, has released its transformative and innovative LocusHub business intelligence engine.

LocusHub, an integral component of the LocusOne platform, harnesses advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning to deliver predictive and prescriptive insights that maximize productivity, lower costs, and unlock new levels of warehouse intelligence.

Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics, says: “LocusHub represents a major step forward that will enable warehouses to leverage the game-changing potential of AI and machine learning to drive warehouse optimization.

“This engine combines traditional reporting tools with prescriptive insights and recommendations, as well as fleet management controls, all in a single dynamic interface.”

LocusHub provides a nexus of data and predictive suggestions in a comprehensive operations management solution, leveraging the powerful LocusOne platform, which optimizes real-time, second-by-second coordination of Locus’s AMR fleets.

LocusHub’s powerful reporting capabilities process real-time operational data to thoughtfully forecast labor requirements, identify potential disruptions, and surface proactive recommendations.

Key capabilities and benefits of LocusHub include:

Detailed Descriptive Analytics – Comprehensive reporting on real-time and historical robot fleet and warehouse performance metrics to pinpoint areas for optimization.

Customizable Fleet Management Tools – Granular controls and permissions to tailor bot operations, workflow routing, and data accessibility by user role or location.

Guided Actionable Insights – An AI-powered analytics engine that automatically identifies pain points and workflow bottlenecks while prescribing intelligent resolutions.

Predictive Modeling – Leveraging machine learning to forecast future operational needs related to staffing, robot fleet sizing, order volumes, and more.

Advanced Filtering – Gives end users the ability to filter down to the lens they need, data can be sliced according to zone, floor, task type and many more.

Permission-Based Access – access appropriate information for management and associates based on their roles.

Continuous Innovation Delivery – New cutting-edge data science and AI functionality is seamlessly delivered through LocusHub’s cloud-based model in the future as new innovations become available.

Faulk says: “LocusHub provides a framework to visualize data, predict future requirements, and receive AI-guided recommendations before issues even occur.

“LocusHub’s extensible architecture is designed to allow the integration of new business intelligence modules over time. We have an exciting roadmap to incorporate simulation capabilities and other advanced predictive guidance to empower the intelligent warehouse of the future.”

LocusHub is a key component of Locus’s flexible automation strategy, leveraging the unified LocusOne warehouse execution platform.

LocusHub will be available via automatic, over-the-air updates to all Locus customers to further enhance and maximize warehouse productivity through autonomous robotics.

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