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How to Help Your Kids Boost Their IQ Scores: Cerebrum IQ Review

Determining average IQs for different demographic groups can be useful for many practical purposes. There are many questions about how to do this accurately, and what kinds of tests will truly get at both individuals’ and larger groups’ numbers.

There is now a one-stop solution to determining and improving upon IQs, and it’s called Cerebrum IQ. Cerebrum IQ involves a systematic testing process of five critical cognitive skills that comprise a given person’s IQ.

In doing this, the program can actually come up with interactive games and suggestions that can improve upon initial IQ scores. Let’s take a closer look at how it was done.

Five critical skills

There are five major cognitive skills that go into the testing of an individual’s IQ. These include reaction, logic, memory, concentration, and speed.

And each of these skills is incorporated into the questions of the IQ test online, and also utilized in the exercises that follow the test.

Depending on the results of a given test, the program allows you to target each of these skill areas and improve upon them. Let’s take a look at each of them individually:


There’s no question that the ability to react quickly and accurately to different stimuli is an essential cognitive component.

Some people react quickly to certain kinds of stimuli but not others. Cerebrum IQ will assess your reaction time, and provide tips and tools on how to improve it.

The program offers different kinds of games that pre-teens can engage with and help speed up their reaction times.


Regardless of the age group in question, there are different levels of logical reasoning that people are expected to be able to possess.

Some people have this ability naturally, and others have to work on it. Cerebrum IQ provides logic challenges that help users hone critical thinking skills.

And learning this way by means of interactive games can be a fun and interesting way to improve logic skills without kids’ having to feel like they are being put to work studying.


Remembering things is something that many people struggle with if they aren’t born with particularly strong skills. But this is actually something that can be improved upon.

Memory games can also provide a fun challenge to people that will force them to develop skills to improve their memory. In sharpening these skills and using particular techniques, people are able to remember things more easily.


More and more in recent years, people’s ability to concentrate is getting lost. The world we live in is full of fast-paced constant changes, and people are increasingly find it difficult to focus for any amount of time.

This is also something that can be improved, though, by being forced to focus


There are different aspects to being a speedy learner. One is reaction time, which is literally the amount of time that it takes you to detect and respond to stimuli.

Then there is the speed with which you can analyze and come up with solutions to problems. Interactive games also help you improve upon this skill.

How does the test work?

In taking the online test, users are presented with 30 questions of increasing levels of difficulty. Each question has a total of 6 possible answers. Users can go back and forth between questions before they finish, and think about the answers that they gave.

One interesting aspect of the test is that it doesn’t involve any verbal information in a particular language. For this reason, it is considered a good quantifier of IQs globally.

Pictorial displays of tests challenge test takers in terms of logic: the ability to recognize patterns, make logical connections, and make accurate predictions are the kinds of cognitive functions that the test provides.

And the good thing about Cerebrum IQ is that it will actually help your child improve.

By illustrating the kinds of things that need to be improved upon and providing fun and interesting ways to do this, the program will assist your child in improving upon each of the cognitive areas described above.

And this will ultimately help him or her in school, in life, and in getting a leg up on future educational opportunities.

Your kid will love it!

Perhaps the best thing about Cerebrum IQ is that it doesn’t feel like a chore. People of all ages can go through the exercises and benefit from them.

There are games that allow you to work on your weak areas and improve them gradually, or at whatever pace you have time for. Think about all the homework assignments and other tasks that you have to force your kids into.

This is something that they will both love doing and benefit from intellectually. It is truly a win-win for you and them. Give it a try today!

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