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ANYbotics and Rever form industrial inspection partnership in Chile

ANYbotics and digital industry specialist Rever have joined forces in Chile to transform industrial inspection. This partnership introduces the ANYbotics advanced robotic solution ANYmal, engineered to meet the inspection needs of Chilean mining, metals, and minerals operations.

Rever’s local expertise and experience in inspection solutions ensure successful deployment and support, representing a step change in the regional inspection ecosystem.

Chile is a world leader in important minerals such as copper, molybdenum, silver, and gold. The partnership between Rever and ANYbotics underlines the growing demand for automated, robotic inspection in the mining, metals, and minerals sectors.

Rever will offer unprecedented autonomous inspection solutions through the synergy of its expertise in industrial inspection and digital twins.

By leveraging Rever’s local knowledge, industry relationships, and prominent role in the ecosystem, ANYbotics will meet the unique inspection needs of this important market and enhance customer support.

Satschin Bansal, global VP strategic alliances and partnerships, ANYbotics, says: “Rever has very strong experience in the commercialization and implementation of inspection – and 3D mapping solutions and thus will be a great partner for ANYbotics in addressing the increasing demands of industrial customers in Chile.”

By integrating the ANYbotics robot ANYmal into its portfolio, Rever is expanding its technological capabilities and changing the inspection landscape in Chile. This paves the way for safer, more efficient, and automated, high-precision inspection processes.

ANYmal arrives, unboxes, and starts exploring: Bringing robotic innovation to Chile.

ANYmal is a rugged, autonomous, and highly mobile inspection solution with mission-ready payloads engineered for industrial inspections and condition monitoring in complex and hazardous environments.

As an end-to-end solution, ANYmal automates real-time data gathering and integration through superior mobility, autonomy, and intelligence.

ANYmal provides plant operators with insights to maximize equipment uptime, reduce operating costs, and improve safety by keeping workers out of harm’s way.

The interest in ANYmal in Chile was showcased in a recent webinar hosted by Rever and ANYbotics, which attracted an impressive 84% of registered industry operators and professionals to join.

The webinar highlighted the advanced capabilities and potential applications of the ANYmal robot in the mining, metals, and minerals sectors.

Felipe Cespedes, CEO, Rever, says: “At Rever, we guide our clients towards more efficient and innovative work methods, leaving behind limiting behaviors and giving way to solutions that simplify and improve the results of their projects. ANYbotics and ANYmal play pivotal roles in this transformative journey.”

Rever offers ANYmal inspection solutions as a direct purchase or on a subscription basis via Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS).

In addition, it provides a range of local support services, customer training, and technical expertise to ensure successful implementation and operation.

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