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Richtech Robotics launches hospital delivery robot that can use elevators

Richtech Robotics, a Nevada company and a provider of AI-driven service robots, has launched its latest robot: Medbot, an elevator delivery robot designed to streamline pharmacy operations with uninterrupted, 24/7 medications delivery. 

With high operational accuracy, Medbot improves healthcare facility efficiency with a secure delivery, reducing operating costs and improving the overall patient experience.

Medbot furthers Richtech Robotics’ mission of providing high-quality, stable robots to boost employee morale and improve customers’ bottom line.

Matt Casella, president of Richtech Robotics, says: “At Richtech Robotics, we’re passionate about pioneering solutions to mitigate workplace inefficiencies and build systems that address relevant industry concerns.

“With a track record of success across the hospitality and service sectors, adapting our products to enhance conditions for the healthcare workforce and infrastructure was a natural progression for us.

“Finding a way to offload routine daily tasks for healthcare workers has been a pain point for many years, and we’re excited to launch an innovative solution to help hospitals gain a competitive edge.”

The launch of Medbot comes as the healthcare industry faces a concerning dearth of pharmacy staff. With Medbot, hospitals and clinics can automate medication deliveries with reliable, secure and uninterrupted service.

Medbot can work up to 24 hours – and 10 hours continuously – making discreet deliveries to patients with high accuracy. In turn, this allows pharmacy technicians to stay stationed in the pharmacy for more important value-add tasks, rather than menial delivery tasks.

Additional product features include:

  • > Elevator integration: Ensures reliable, smooth operation across complex spaces.
  • > Four storage spaces: Holds up to 3.17 gallons each and can be opened one at a time if desired.
  • > Smooth delivery: Works across versatile flooring, helping navigate dense crowds or cluttered spaces.
  • > Large touchscreen display: Enables user-friendly, easy delivery scheduling management and real-time visibility.
  • > Ultrasonic sensors (8) and cameras (2): Provides heightened obstacle detection and avoidance.
  • > IoT enablement: Exchanges data with other devices and systems (e.g. smart doors).

To date, Medbot’s installations have a proven 100 percent delivery success rate. Medbots have been used in pharmacy to in-patient units and emergency departments, chemotherapy preparations to infusion centers, pharmacy-to-pharmacy/intra-pharmacy transport, and “meds-to-beds” discharge medications from outpatient pharmacy to the patient’s nurse.

Casella says: “Amid rising operating expenses and a surge in patient numbers across the country, Medbot strives to empower healthcare facilities with superior care, despite staffing shortages. Our Medbot integration method is the only one on the market that has been proven to consistently work.”

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