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Autonomous e-Mobility Awards 2024: Qatar recognizes visionaries, innovators, and startups at prestigious ceremony

The Autonomous e-Mobility (AEMOB) Forum 2024 concluded with presenting the AEMOB Awards, recognizing individuals and organisations that have demonstrated outstanding commitment, innovation, and leadership in moving the driverless e-mobility industry forward.

The accolades’ first category, the AEMOB Visionary Award, celebrates individuals who have exemplified exceptional leadership in their field. The recipient of the AEMOB Visionary Award was His Excellency Jassim Saif Ahmed Al Sulaiti, the Minister of Transport.

His unwavering dedication to advancing modern mobility has set a remarkable precedent for the industry and for the State of Qatar. Under his stewardship, the country’s public transportation has undergone a significant transformation, with over 70 percent of its fleet now electrified.

Additionally, the introduction of autonomous vehicles marks a groundbreaking milestone in land transportation.

His Excellency’s pioneering initiatives and strategic vision have not only transformed the landscape of transportation locally, but are also inspiring positive change globally. 

The second category, the AEMOB Tech Innovation Excellence Award, recognizes outstanding technological advancements that have progressed autonomous mobility.

This year, the award was presented to the PoliMOVE Autonomous Racing Team from Italy’s Politecnico di Milano University. The AEMOB Forum Executive Committee acknowledged the groundbreaking innovations redefining the possibilities of mobility.

The final category, the AEMOB Most Promising StartUp Award, acknowledges promising ventures that show great potential in paving the path toward future mobility.

This year’s award was presented to Austrian enterprise FlyNow Aviation. Their novel approach to affordable eVTOL aircraft marks a significant milestone in sustainable and efficient transportation solutions.

The AEMOB Forum 2024 lauded the innovators working towards advancements in smart, sustainable mobility. As we look to the future, we are excited to see how these awards’ recipients and other industry leaders will continue to drive progress and shape autonomous e-Mobility.

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