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German Bionic to launch ‘human augmentation’ and exoskeleton platform at VivaTech

This year at VivaTech, which starts tomorrow, German Bionic will unveil its comprehensive 360° Human Augmentation Platform.

The user-centered ecosystem integrates the latest versions of the Apogee series e-exoskeletons together with German Bionic OS – the first and only proprietary operating system for exoskeletons, the German Bionic IO data platform, and will be joined by two new human-machine interfaces having their public debut at VivaTech.

This integration of individual components into a single, powerful platform exemplifies German Bionic’s commitment to delivering highly accessible human-centric technology solutions that are simple to use, empowering, and designed to improve health and productivity.

Armin Schmidt, CEO and founder of German Bionic, says: “Our 360° Human Augmentation platform goes beyond mere technological advancement; it is about making sophisticated, human-centric solutions universally accessible, while promoting user agency.

“The platform is designed to enhance everyday life, ensuring that each individual can achieve more with greater ease, comfort, and safety. 

“We are proud to lead the charge towards a future where technology and humanity converge to foster a healthier, more capable society.”

Central to the platform is German Bionic’s Apogee series of e-exoskeletons, providing up to 66 lbs (30 kg) of support per lifting motion as well as active walking assistance.

Enabling the hardware and multitude of integrated sensors in the exoskeletons to work together in perfect unison is the proprietary German Bionic OS operating system.

It ensures that all components interact cohesively, enhancing device functionality and user interaction. German Bionic OS supports a broad array of applications and provides an intuitive, multilingual user interface that makes it accessible to a global workforce.

VivaTech takes place May 22-25 in Paris. German Bionic is located in Hall 1, Stand J40-003.

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