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KCI Technologies launches floor-flattening robot for construction projects

KCI Technologies, a multi-disciplined engineering and consulting firm with offices throughout the United States, has launched RoboFlat, a high-performance, cloud-based product for concrete floor flatness and levelness testing.

Designed to address floor challenges in a variety of robotic-equipped facilities, this product streamlines testing operations, processing large volumes of data and delivering rapid results.

With RoboFlat, contractors and building owners can be assured that their floors meet the required flatness specifications.

With this innovative software, users can upload point cloud data generated from laser scanners, enabling further analysis and evaluation and automating time-consuming, multi-step processes. RoboFlat supports a range of floor standards that can be tailored to meet specifications.

RoboFlat helps remediation teams quickly identify the exact location of any flatness issues on the floor slab, generating heat and contour maps with cut and fill values and detailed output that can be overlaid onto the floor design.

The product also includes a report generation feature, allowing users to customize reports to share with stakeholders.

Jeanne Ruthloff, KCI’s technology and innovation sector president, says: “As the need for automation in warehouses and other facilities increases, it’s critical that floor flatness and levelness analysis is conducted quickly and accurately without delaying projects and operations.

“We leveraged our depth of experience and success within the LiDAR and surveying industry to develop RoboFlat, a scalable solution for powerful and efficient floor flatness, levelness, and curvature analysis.”

RoboFlat’s user-friendly design features a setup wizard that guides users through initiating their floor flatness and levelness test and data management capabilities to upload datasets and store results.

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