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Cherry launches ‘high-performance’ System-on-Module for advanced robotics and smart systems

Cherry Embedded Solutions has unveiled its new System-on-Module (SoM), the TIGER SOM-RK3588-Q7, engineered to deliver exceptional computational performance, the ability to connect multiple high-resolution cameras, deep learning capabilities, and state-of-the-art security functions. 

Core features of the TIGER SOM-RK3588-Q7:

  • > TIGER SOM-RK3588-Q7 is based on Rockchip’s high-end, low-power SoC RK3588, featuring an octa-core CPU with four ARM Cortex-A76 and four ARM Cortex-A55, an ARM Mali-G610 GPU, and an NPU with up to 6 TOPs.
  • > The CPU enables both ARM Cryptographic Extension for wire-rate AES cryptography and Advanced SIMD vector processing.
  • > Equipped with a triple-core NPU, the module supports multi-task and multi-scenario operations based on deep learning frameworks including TensorFlow, Caffe, Pytorch and others. It is ideally suited for real-time object detection and scene recognition in various applications.
  • > Four MIPI CSI interfaces provide native support for cost-effective high-resolution cameras.
  • > Featuring an optional Secure Element certified to EAL6+ and a secure boot mechanism guaranteeing that only signed images can run on the device, the SoM ensures government-grade security for the identification and storage of keys. This enables cloud services such as remote software management and preventive device management to be rendered while maintaining the highest level of cybersecurity.

Dr Stefan Roth, managing director of Cherry Embedded Solutions, says: “TIGER SOM-RK3588-Q7 is part of our SoM series, which has been specially designed to meet the needs of demanding intelligent mobile IoT applications.

“Developed and manufactured in Austria, it perfectly combines reliability, performance, and cost-efficiency. Numerous hardware and software customization options ensure optimum tailoring to the individual requirements of our customers.”

TIGER is particularly suited for demanding applications in areas such as computer vision.

Typical use cases include:

Autonomous Mobile Robots: Empower robots with the ability to navigate complex environments independently.

Video Surveillance: Enhance security systems with advanced processing capabilities for real-time analysis.

Smart Displays: Drive smarter, high-resolution display solutions with superior image processing technology.

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