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All the ways to improve your gameplay in Rainbow Six Siege using Skycoach

R6 is a session shooter played by two teams of 5 players each. There is a side of terrorists and special forces and to win the match, you need to win in 8 rounds.

This is a fast-paced game in which players choose agents with special weapons and mechanics and must think through their attacks and defenses to win as many rounds as possible.

For beginners, this will not be an easy task, and you can order R6 boosting services in Skycoach, or training to move up the rank faster, or learn to play each stage of the game.

What is boosting, and how does it work with Skycoach? 

All competitive games have their own ranking system – it is needed in order to sort players by level of play and thus make sure that equals play with equals and everyone has their own incentive to grow.

But in Rainbow Six, team plays an important role and even if you master the mechanics of shooting and managing agents well, you can still lose many matches due to the poor performance of your allies, and alone you will not be able to consistently win rounds.

This problem can be solved with the help of boosting in Rainbow Six Siege from Skycoach.

What should be done:

  • > You need to go to the service website.
  • > Select your rank and the one you want to get from the list.
  • > Transfer the account under guarantees of the safety of anonymity and all valuable items on the account.
  • > Wait for the service to be completed and monitor the status in your personal account or request a stream of all progress.
  • > Log into your account after receiving a notification that the task has been completed, and you can log into your account and continue your gameplay.

At first, you may not be ready for the new rank, but don’t be upset about this – you will gain invaluable experience from playing with the best players and will quickly return to your new rank as soon as you get used to it.

Mastering gameplay through coaching with Skycoach

One of the most beneficial and understandable options that can help your gameplay is training.

You can order coaching from the Skycoach service, where the coach will walk you through the key mechanics that you need to know in order to better progress in the ranks, get an R6 boost and understand the shooting system, agents and tactics.


Each weapon has its own firing range, recoil and rate of fire, and the trainer’s task is to give you an understanding of how to shoot single cartridges, three bullets and an automatic spray so that you can easily destroy the enemy.

The second important point is the ability to look out from behind cover so as not to completely expose yourself to potential bullets, and with the help of a system of looking around corners and tackles, you can quickly change your positions and attack enemies in relative safety.


The second and most important task of the coach is to select convenient agents for you to play with, who will have unique equipment that will benefit the entire team.

The most important thing is the tools he can use. These can be various types of explosives to knock out enemies, or sledgehammers to break fortified barricades. You can also use various drones for reconnaissance, which will help you detect enemies even before the assault stage.


Each side has its own tasks. Terrorists must strengthen the approaches to the captured building and prevent the special forces from defusing the bomb, and the police must carry out an assault and knock out the enemy, or defuse the bomb.

Each squad will have many options for assault tactics – for example, breaking through windows and roofs, bypassing mined doors, or playing slow tactics when the enemy does not know the location of your attack until the last minute.

For protection, you need to choose places to strengthen the assault sites – install explosives and barricades and conduct reconnaissance to try to find out the location of the enemy attack in advance.

The coach’s task is to analyze with you all possible options for tactics, so as not only to be able to apply and vary them for different game situations, but also to be able to recognize and counteract them if opponents use them.


R6 is a multi-faceted session project in which you need to be able to attack and defend and play in a team in order to achieve better results on your own or with the help of services.

You can contact the Skycoach service to get help with boosting your rank, or full training.

Boosting in Rainbow Six Siege will help those players who want to try their hand against the best players, or those who have already mastered the game, but due to a bad team they often cannot increase the rank on their own.

To do this, you need to transfer your account to the Skycoach service employees, who will provide upgrades.

This is safe thanks to VPN and financial guarantees that the service employees provide to the client.

The transfer process is necessary so that the player factor cannot in any way interfere with or slow down the boosting process in R6, and also allows the player not to take any part in the process, but simply go about his business until he receives a notification of readiness.

If you want to get not one-time help, but a full-fledged gaming experience, then you can order full-fledged coaching from the Skycoach service.

This is work with a trainer that will help you step-by-step understand the mechanics of shooting and choosing an agent, learn how to use special tools and, most importantly, be able to correctly play and attack as an attack and understand the principles of acting as a defense, including the use of mining and reconnaissance by drones.

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