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Pio brings warehouse robotics system to the US

Pio, a provider of an automated warehouse system leveraging cube storage technology by AutoStore, is now available to all small and midsize e-commerce businesses (SMBs) in the United States.

AutoStore is the world’s leading warehouse automation company with over 1,500 installations worldwide for industry giants such as Macy’s, Ikea, and Puma. Its proprietary cube storage technology offers the densest product and inventory storage solution on the market.

AutoStore created Pio – short of “products in/out” – as part of its mission to make cube storage technology accessible to all. Now, Pio’s P100 automated warehouse system has launched in the US with five new customers including Privada Cigar Club, Sunday Swagger, Souko, Barnes 4WD, and AI Stone.

Magne Hatteland, VP and head of Pio, says: “SMB e-commerce brands face two major challenges in the US – high labor costs and extremely high customer expectations regarding order fulfillment and delivery. Overcoming these two challenges isn’t possible without automation.

“With Pio, any brand, no matter its size, has access to the same best-in-class warehouse automation system as big box retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods or Best Buy, enabling them to compete at the same level or even outperform.

“As Shopify streamlines online store operations with digital features to help manage inventory and shipping, Pio’s cube storage technology and robots automate the next step in your logistics by eliminating any backlog and authorizing same-day order processing.

“This means your team can stop digging through and sorting boxes, and instead, spend their time growing the business to new heights.”

Starting at $85,999 plus a monthly subscription, Pio is capable of picking and packing 360 orders per hour, reducing labor costs by up to 80 percent, and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for SMB e-commerce businesses.

To date, Pio customers have seen a full return-on-investment (ROI) in less than a year.

Greg Taube, co-founder and CEO at Famme, says: “The compact storage holds all of our inventory, the robots work day and night preparing orders for same-day delivery, and the app syncs with our e-commerce platform so that we can easily manage inventory in real-time.

“Today, Pio is saving us nearly $400,000 in unnecessary costs, and our customers are getting their orders faster than Amazon.”

To celebrate its expansion into the US, Pio is giving away a P100. If you are a SMB that would benefit from this best-in-class automated warehouse system, enter here for your chance to win. This offering is worth up to $121,999 plus one free month’s subscription to its robots as a service.

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