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Plus One Robotics introduces dual-arm automated parcel solution

Plus One Robotics, a provider of AI vision software and solutions for robotic parcel handling, has launched its latest offering, InductOne – a dual-arm automated parcel induction solution designed to optimize parcel singulation and induction in high-volume fulfillment and distribution centers.

As an experienced induction provider, Plus One Robotics has leveraged its extensive industry knowledge and track record of over 1 billion picks to engineer InductOne as a groundbreaking solution for the parcel shipping industry.

The company’s learnings from handling over a million picks per day and the required reliability for such high-volume operations have been manifested in this new dual-arm machine.

A key characteristic of InductOne is its innovative dual-arm design, which significantly outperforms single-arm solutions.

While a single-arm system typically tops out at around 1,600 picks per hour, the coordinated motion of InductOne’s two arms can achieve sustained pick rates of 2,200 to 2,300 per hour. InductOne’s peak rate maxes out at a rate of 3,300 picks per hour, 10% faster than the leading competition.

Erik Nieves, CEO of Plus One Robotics, says: “Parcel variability is a significant challenge of automation within the warehouse.

“That’s why InductOne is equipped with our innovative individual cup control gripper, which can precisely handle a wide range of parcel sizes and shapes. But it’s not just about what InductOne picks, it’s also about what it doesn’t pick.

“The system avoids picking non-conveyable items, allowing them to automatically convey to a designated exception path and preventing the robots from wasting precious cycles handling items which should not be inducted.”

The Plus One Robotics engineering team put a strong focus on the physical design of the InductOne system, engineering the machine to have the smallest possible footprint and lowest weight, all while maximizing its capabilities.

This enables the system to easily integrate into brownfield facilities, while minimizing the need for costly site modifications.

Nieves says: “The engineering approach behind InductOne has been focused on efficiency and flexibility.

“We designed the system to be as compact and lightweight as possible, making it easier to deploy in limited spaces, including on existing mezzanines. The modular and configurable nature of InductOne also allows it to seamlessly integrate into a variety of fulfillment center layouts.”

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