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Doosan Robotics unveils new 30 kg payload collaborative robot

Doosan Robotics has unveiled its latest industrial collaborative robot which boasts the greatest capabilities of any machine in its category including a 30 kg payload.

The company showcased the new robot and its new Dart-Suite robot ecosystem at the recent Automate event.

Doosan Robotics says its scalable Dart-Suite platform elevates cobot capabilities by providing “unlimited programmable motions”, while ensuring accessibility for all.

Dart-Suite fosters a cohesive environment where every component synergizes, empowering users to create, market, download, and activate functions through diverse interfaces.

This evolution propels robots from mere static tools to dynamic, flexible collaborators.

William Ryu, CEO, Doosan Robotics, says: “We’re committed to transforming the robotics landscape and Automate holds immense strategic significance for us, offering a direct gateway to various industries.

“Our cobot line’s power will be on full display, alongside the customizable functionality and usage that differentiate our technology. We look forward to sharing our innovative solutions and continuing to drive the industry forward.”

While at Automate, Doosan Robotics showcased “Dr Presso”, an unmanned modular café equipped with a top-of-the-line coffee machine, and “Mixmaster Moodie”, a bartending cobot powered by Microsoft’s OpenAI.

“Mixmaster Moodie” is coupled with “Tetote”, Bridgestone’s soft robot hand powered by bendy rubber artificial muscle that employs a pioneering cocktail recommendation system to serve a cocktail based on visual and audio cues.

Doosan will also present its Training Kit, a certified training equipment which allows users to practice and experience Doosan’s cobot training programs anytime, anywhere.

Doosan Robotics joined forces with prominent global companies, each celebrated for their expertise and dominant presence in the market, to pioneer AI cobot solutions for commercialization.

These best-in-class partners in each solution include the Apex Motion Control’s Baker-Bot Quad, a first-of-its-kind modular cake decorating system which consists of individual robotic stations including top and side cake icing, decorative borders, top rosettes, and writing messages and drizzling.

Other partnerships include the Paltz De-palletizing System, a robotic depalletizing work cell with vision from BeRobox with CMES; Ellison Technologies’ AutoPilot Machine Tending Solution which is a load/unload system designed ideally for CNC Machine Tools for the manufacturing industry; the Cloos ArcBot, a Doosan M1013 cobot arm with integrated Cloos StarT welding pack; Hillside Automation’s CNCtender, a Complete Machine Tending solution with software interface on new generation controller; and MARI AARS System which simplifies the deployment, operation, and maintenance of robotic automation systems, marking a groundbreaking advancement in user-friendly AI software and plug-and-play hardware.

Doosan Robotics is driven by a vision to elevate everyday experiences and redefine labor workflows. Their exceptional range of AI cobots is poised to bring about a paradigm shift across various sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, food and beverage, architecture, and service industries.

These cutting-edge solutions transcend the constraints of conventional robotics, adeptly maneuvering through intricate scenarios while infusing tasks with enhanced efficiency, safety, and ingenuity.

Moreover, the AI system boasts continuous learning capabilities, effortlessly updating its model by autonomously downloading required modules for smooth integration.

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