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Win More Customers in Your Phone Store

Attracting customers to your retail store is becoming more difficult in our digital era. People tend to make purchases online, which leads to several problems for businesses.

Today, we will discuss these issues in more detail and suggest a solution that will help you win more customers for your used phone store.

Why Do People Prefer to Buy Online?

There are several reasons for that. Let’s mention the most important ones:

  • > It’s easier. You don’t need to spend time going to several stores. All you need to do is open several tabs of different online shops instead.
  • > It might be cheaper. Comparing prices online doesn’t take much time.
  • > You don’t have to interact with other people.

Why is it Bad for Phone Stores?

For businesses in the mobile phones retail industry, fewer customers means less revenue. Moreover, selling your customers additional products (for example, accessories and headphones) is more challenging when they make purchases online. Therefore, the average check is lower compared to in-store sales.

Overall, purchases in the offline shop are more profitable for the company. However, for customers, there are also several advantages:

You can look at the device you are buying and try it yourself.

You can discuss the phone’s characteristics in detail with the seller and ask for their advice.
You don’t need to wait for delivery; you can use the device immediately after making a purchase.

How to Attract More Customers to Your Store?

Now that we know why people prefer online shopping and what reasons businesses have for selling in-store, let’s discuss how to make offline purchases beneficial for both customers and sellers.

A great way to attract customers is to offer interesting and entertaining experiences. For instance, you can implement the NSYS robot Reeva into your workflow.

The robot draws attention, and people want to interact with it. Using Reeva, clients can quickly test, grade the device, and get its buyback price. The process is fully automated, so your workers don’t need to help customers with that.

Try Reeva and boost sales in your phone store!

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