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Indian robotics company CynLr unveils humanoid made from robot arms

CynLr, an Indian deep-tech robotics startup specialising in Visual Object Intelligence Robotics and Cybernetics, has launched and showcased what it describes as an “all-purpose, reusable visual robot platform that doubles as a semi-humanoid”.

The company has named the humanoid robot “CyRo”, and unveiled it at the Robotics Summit & Expo in Boston recently.

CyRo, powered by CynLr’s proprietary vision object intelligence stack, is a Multi-arm vision guided robotic manipulator that can intuitively grasp “never seen before” objects, under extreme variable lighting conditions, requiring no lighting engineering, and can even handle complexities like reflective objects, that is objects in transparent/translucent packaging.

CyRo represents a paradigm shift in robotics technology through its multi-purpose applicability in warehousing, manufacturing, lab automation, industrial kitchen and kiosk dispensing.

In these industries they can be used for piece-picking, kitting, induction, sorting, packing, screwing, bolting, general assembly, and so on.

Unlike traditional robots that require extensive training, hardware (HW) customization specific to each task with a highly-controlled environment, CyRo requires no HW integration or environmental customization.

CynLr says CyRo possesses human-eye inspired vision and intelligence hardware and software stack which makes it “natively intuitive” about objects without having to see or train on them before. This makes the robot easily repurposable for any task with zero HW customization/modification.

It adds that CyRo “future-proofs customer investments into automation”. Currently, the company is piloting these visual robots with General Motors and Denso.

Gokul NA, founder – design, product and brand at CynLr, says: “We are transforming robots from mere programmable machines into perceptive human-like entities.

“According to data from IFR, the robotics market was valued at $48 Bn in 2019 – of which $16 Bn sales came from robotic arms and $32 Bn went into customization. Imagine a world with simple dextrous visual robots like Cyro deployed at manufacturing lines.

“Manufacturers will have unparalleled flexibility and will be able to make products as per market demand. We are at the genesis point of standardising an age-old process of material manipulation – where object instead of data will be the game-changer.”

Nikhil Ramaswmay, co-founder and CEO at CynLr, says: “We are already getting positive feedback for CyRo in the US. We are excited to bring our technology to the global stage.

“We recently opened a hardware design facility in Switzerland where we are developing these visual robots using the skilled talent & advanced research facilities available there.

“The technology has been designed in India in our state-of-the-art R&D centre (H.I.V.E) in Bengaluru. We envision that CyRo has the potential to change the future of industrial automation, ushering in an era of ‘Universal Factories -product agnostic factories.”

CynLr has a team of 50 plus engineers who are skilled in vision, robotics and engineering. CynLr’s vision stack is packed with 400 plus technologies that are supplied by 250 plus partners or vendors from over 30 countries.

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