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Apple and Rise develop ‘unique bio-based foam’ for packaging

In a joint research project, Rise and Apple have developed a unique bio-based foam.

The properties of the foam suggest that it could replace fossil-based materials such as polymer foam, which is often used in packaging, insulation and lightweight composites.

The research results are presented in a Whitepaper from Rise and Apple.

The development of new bio-based materials is an important part of the transition to reduce our dependence on fossil materials.

Rise’s role is to drive sustainable transition and innovation in close collaboration with industry and this collaboration with Apple on bio-based foam is an excellent example of this, says Henrik Bagewitz, VP business development, Rise.

The new material, a cellulose foam, has demonstrated good properties such as resistance to compression (expanding after being subjected to pressure) and a uniform and small pore size, which provides an aesthetically pleasing structure.

A major advantage is also that the material can be recycled together with regular paper, and the production process is also comparatively simple.

The material has several applications, in addition to its use in packaging, including in the automotive industry and as a construction material.

Sweden has a strong industrial heritage in the forest industry and a very large fiber knowledge.

Bagewitz says: “At Rise, we have both the test facilities required for the modern bioeconomy and high competence in legislation and regulations. We are also used to collaborating and have a strong innovation culture.

“All this means that we can bring together actors throughout the chain from raw material to brand owner.

“Now we want to take the next step with this new unique material and are therefore looking for stakeholders who want to help drive the development forward.”

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