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Sharing Your Bandwidth for Money: Is it a Good Idea?

Most methods to earn money online require skill or, at least, time. While this is true for serious occupations, you can make some side cash with nothing but your internet connection.

This method is called bandwidth sharing. You simply download an app and run it, and a small amount of money will reach your bank account.

It does sound too good to be true, and you are right to be skeptical. But with realistic earning expectations and some know-how, you can earn additional income this way. This article is a short guide on how to start sharing your bandwidth for money and whether it’s a good idea for you.

Why is your bandwidth valuable?

The internet isn’t what it used to be. Most websites are imposing geo-restrictions that determine visitor’s location and adjust the content accordingly. Even worse, some authoritarian governments are actively filtering access to the internet to control information and suppress free speech.

I’ll spare you the technical details, but the gist of it is this. The best way to bypass such restrictions and make the internet more open is to use devices in different locations.

Your device can be one of them. Other people would send their network requests to your device, and it would browse the web on their behalf.

Companies, political activists, researchers, and other individuals use such devices to access the web. They run various apps, collect data, or simply browse the free internet.

All you need to do to enable them is to install an application and let the software route the traffic from your device. In return, you earn money for the data you route this way.

How much you can expect to earn?

The most common argument against bandwidth sharing is that the platforms that provide such a possibility pay too little. I could even go further and claim that some of them are actually fraudulent and avoid paying at all.

However, a good bandwidth-sharing app (I recommend some below) can earn you around $9 dollars per month with only one device running 24/7. You can maximize this amount by running multiple devices on multiple platforms.

Before starting to scale your side hustle, I suggest trying out one device on one platform. Try to account for your internet and maintenance expenses, as they tend to grow fast when you connect more devices.

Is it legal to share your internet connection?

The second most common worry is the legality of sharing your internet bandwidth. There is a lot of misinformation floating around the internet regarding this topic. The truth is that the legality of bandwidth sharing depends on your country.

Some countries have banned internet sharing and P2P networks. You can get in legal trouble by sharing your bandwidth there. Make sure to check your local laws before starting.

However, most countries do not have many regulations regarding internet sharing. There are only laws restricting illegal online activity, such as pirating.

If someone accessing your network were to break copyrights, for example, the blame could be attributed to you. Fortunately, these risks can be mitigated by securing your network. While this is a passive way to earn, you must be active in mitigating the risks.

Security concerns

The risk of exposing your internet connection to illegal activities or cyber-attacks when sharing bandwidth for money is often overstated.

As with all online activities, the risks are high only if you don’t take any actions to minimize them. Here are three things you should consider to improve your security.

  • Run a dedicated device. Besides increasing performance and profits, a dedicated device will ensure that your data and apps are safe from a possible attack.
  • Control your network. If you are using your home network, set up a DNS sinkhole. Pi-hole or set up filters on your router. All these methods effectively filter potentially malicious websites, so you will be sure that others sharing your network won’t access them.
  • Monitor your network. Even if filters are set up, some suspicious activity might occur. Use network management software, such as Itarian or SysAid, to keep an eye on the traffic you route from time to time.
  • Use mobile internet from a pre-paid card. Most bandwidth-sharing platforms work from apps, so you can simply take an unused mobile device, put in a pre-paid sim card, and share the bandwidth. It may reduce your profits, but it’s the safest option in all respects.

Top platforms to share your bandwidth

No matter what precautions you will take, the best way to increase safety (and profits!) is to choose a good platform. The market of bandwidth-sharing apps is in constant flux.

Platforms tend to have good payouts only when they start functioning, later worsening the deals. The below platforms are leading as of now.

Pawns is an internet sharing app that I like the most. They have a low payout threshold of $5, a well-functioning app, and even some additional side hustles available.

I had some luck earning free gift cards for filling out online surveys, although sharing bandwidth is much more profitable.

Most importantly, the network takes steps to ensure legality and privacy. Everyone who accesses your bandwidth is monitored and must confirm identity. There’s not much more you could expect from such an app.

Mysterium Network

Mysterium Network is a decent choice for those who want to earn crypto in exchange for sharing their bandwidth. Your internet will be used to run a DVPN service for other users.

If you know how to cash out with Crypto, this is a great choice. Mysterium is also a leader in decentralized applications.


I do not recommend sharing your bandwidth if you plan to do so blindly. It takes active monitoring of your network and knowledge of local laws to lower the risks.

That said, with the right attitude and know-how, sharing your bandwidth is a good way to earn some extra income each month.

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